Start with 33 Seconds

Any achievement is a result of focussed work. Are you being distracted? Is your mind interested in something else than your aim? What does our ancient Vedic wisdom say about distractions and solution to overcome them?

Guidance for Successful Meditation

Meditation has gained significant importance recently within various institutions and affinity groups. It is known as a means to improve concentration, feel inner peace and express outer joy.  To attain the best from this practice, we must check if the

Doubt is a Dangerous Hurdle

Let’s say you have an important task to accomplish. It can be an exam that you are preparing for, a business venture that you are planning to launch, or learning to meditate upon God and realise Him. If you

Who is a Sadhu?

This is an important question we must ponder on and get the answer right. Sadhus form the base of a critical task, keeping all of us safe and happy. Let’s therefore try to know who these sadhus are and