Ramanujacharya’s 1003rd Thirunakstram at Mandasa

Acharyas initiate all the followers of Vedic tradition with Srimannarayana Ashtakshari Mahamantra. This is also referred to as Thirumantram, Mantrarajam or Mantrabrahmam. This mantra has the power bestow a seeker with the abilities required to achieve any results he

True knowledge must live Long

Today marks the beginning of 94th year since the birth of Mahamaho:pa:dhya:ya (the teacher of all teachers), Kavishabdika Kesari (the lion of literature), Keerthi murthulu (revered popular figure) Sri N.C. Raghunatha Chari Garu. We have gathered here to

Sri Sitha Rama Kalyanam at Divya Saketham

వృణీమహే... అహౌ దాస్యామహ! "Yes, I accept to be the wedded wife", said Sitha! It was a beautiful day when four divinely powerful couples got married on a single stage: Rama with Sitha, Lakshmana with Urmila, Bharatha with Mandavi and