International Yoga Day at JIVA

Prime Minister Narendra Modi ji is a boon to the nation. Let us all support his drive to cleanse the nation, both internally and externally. Yoga has been an integral part of JIVA (Jeeyar Integrative Vedic Academy) since its

Satyam, quality of God that governs this Existence!

అహమ్ వేద్మి మహాత్మానమ్ [aham vedmi mahaatmaanam] రామమ్ సత్య పరాక్రమమ్ [ramam satya paraakramam] - From Ramayanam, Viswamitra speaks to Dasaratha - about the greatness of Sri Rama Chandra What is Satyam ? Satyam can be split

Earth Day, Ask Yourself: Need or Greed!?

What is basic difference between Need and Greed? Well, Need is anything that saves one from dire consequences. While one can define Greed as clasping on to the things beyond one’s basic needs. Humanity stands tall as an example