Physical science and Spiritual science!

You may be wondering what the students are doing and how does it connect to the saying of Swamiji. The students are exhibiting physical science experiments. Where as, the saying introduces spiritual science. The experiments describe characteristics of elements

Awareness Program On Donating Of Organs

Humble salutations to the Lotus feet of sri swamiji, Happy Pongal Swamiji. As a part of Danurmasam on 17-12-2016 we performed Godha, Lakshmi Naryana puja. On this occasion Smt. Aruna preached the life history of Ramanujacharya. This event took place

Activities in Visakhapatnam

Visakhapatnam Sri P S S Raju VT District convener has arranged Sri Goda Krishna puja along with all the branches of VT. She advised about the plan of activities to be taken up during Ramanuja Sahasrabdi. He has also indicated