Greatness of Ramanuja – 03b

The second occassion when Lord Varadaraja of Kachipuram proved the greatness of Ramanuja: When hot debates on tatvam waged between Ramanuja and Yajnamurthi and the latter was scoring points for victory, The Lord Himself appeared in Ramanuja's dream and suggested

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Greatness of Ramanuja – 03a

Lord Varadaraja of Kanchipuram proved the greatness of Ramanuja on two occassions: The Lord appeared once in Yadavaprakasa's dream and commanded that - The circumambulation of the world for a would-be sanyasi was accomplished by circumambulating around Ramanuja once.

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Greatness of Ramanuja – 02b

....Contd.... Ramanuja replied, "That power I do not possess. Lord Srinivasa alone can grant your prayer." Then, the woman said, "Kindly give me a written permit to take to Lord Venkateswara" Ramanuja, overcome by her faith towards The Lord of