The Horse Ride on Dussehra

Horseback-riding is a very interesting, fun and rather expensive activity people take up on holidays. Every year on  Vijaya Dasami or Dussehra, God also rides a horse and reaches the Shami tree. Is He doing this for fun? The

Cause for this Existence – One or Many?

Do you think that the cause for this existence is One or Many? Are there many factors that contributed to this Universe? Did everything we see emerge from nothing (Su:nyam) or from one qualified Supreme? Answers for all such

9th Bramhothsavams of Divyasaketham

On April 26 Swamy graced us in Kalpavruksha Va:hanam. And later in the evening, "eduruko:llu" event was performed. It is an event where Lord Rama and Sita are made to face each other for their Kalya:nam, in their respective va:hanams