JEEYAR SATHABDI  2008 – 2009

A Programme from Apr 29th to May10 @ Jiva Campus, Sri Ramnagar, Samshabad, Hyderabad. A.P. 509325, INDIA , Ph: 08414-260695

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How you can participate:

Program Details:

May 10 – Sri Ramnagar temple pratisht’a.
May 1 – Dharmo:panayanams – Sacred Thread Ceremony (Free)
April 30 – Udakasa:nti. People have to register well before.


– Ishti will be conducted (April 30 -May 9th. List of ishtis coming soon)
– Collective Pooja programs
– Go-Pooja for 108 cows (Desi cows)
– Veda, Ithihasa, Purana, Prabandha parayanams in full
– Akahanda VSN Pa:ra:yana and Akhanda Hari na:ma sanki:rthana
– Exhibition of life and reforms of Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji
– Many Educative Events
– Classical / Folk Art & Cultural Programs
– Tadi:ya:ra:dhana & Prasa:dam

How to participate monetarily: (Sponsor ONLINE – Click Here)

Services you can offerSponsor UnitSponsor Amt (Rupees)Sponsor Amt(in words)
Everyday ashtotthara Sathanama pooja  (To perform puja of 10 8 chantings of Swamy)1 day216 Rs/-2 hundred & sixteen
Go-pooja  (To perform Puja to cows)1500 Rs/-15 hundred
To be a yajama:ni to 1 ruthvik
(To perform kainkaryam to 1 ruthvik)
1 individual2000 Rs/-2 thousand
To be a yajama:ni to 1 Pa:ra:yana pandit
(To perform kainkaryam to 1 pandit who conducts Parayana/chanting)
1 individual10000 Rs/-10 thousand
Tadiyaradhana for 1000 people
(Food Service)
1000 individuals / 1 time of a day15000 Rs/-15 thousand
To be a yajama:ni to 1 Veda parayanadar
(To perform kainkaryam to 1 veda scholar)
1 individual20000 Rs/-20 thousand
To be a yajama:ni to a kunda in Ishti
(To offer a kunda as kainkaryam in the ishti yagnam)
20000 Rs/-20 thousand
To be a kaikarya kartha in the Isthi
(To participate as one who is offering his kainkaryam in the Ishti)
30000 Rs/-30 thousand
Vaidiki Godanam  (Offer a cow)50000 Rs/-50 thousand
Balabhoga Prasada Kainkaryam
(Food services)
1 time of a day100000 Rs/-1 lakh
To be a yajama:ni to 150 ruthviks
(To perform kainkaryam to 150 ruthviks)
150 individuals150000 Rs/-1 lakh 50 thousand
Tadiyaradhana for1 time of day
(Food Services)
1 time of a day500000 Rs/-5 lakhs

How to participate in several other ways:

The year Aug 2008 to Aug 2009 is declared as Jeeyar Sathabdi Year. You can know more details in his life history . If you inspire to serve the Vedic cause, if your heart has ever sought to serve a great cause its an opportunity to take part in these divine Celebrations. An exhibition with Swamiji’s actual life history is going to come up. All the devotees who have their experiences with HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji can share them with us. 

Many of you might be having Sri Swamiji’s photos, audios, cassettes, videos etc.. You might be having wonderful experiences with HH Sri Swamiji! You might be having the letters written by HH Sri Swamiji. If you have any of them you may inform us so that we’d like to have the copy and thus the blessings of our Acharya will reach millions of ardent devotees.

Those who are interested in making electronic models, art models, frameworks of the incidences in the life of HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji, are welcome. Those, being the disciples of HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji, being in association with HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji, who wish to volunteer in the exhibition, celebrations, who wish to share their experiences, who wish to serve the visiting devotees are all welcome. The celebrations are going to be organised at JIVA asram, Sri Ramnagar, Samshabad during Jeeyar Sathabdi. It is a rare opportunity for all of us. Our Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji is a gift to mankind who is striving to materialise the global vision of his Guru Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamji.

Inform all those blessed souls who had divine association with HH Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji