Let’s say we take up a task, the outcome either matches our expectation or it doesn’t. When the outcome matches our expectation, we are happily proud of achieving it. When it doesn’t, we try to analyse various reasons for its failure. Even if we realise or not, it is internally God’s power that enabled or disabled us in the effort! The important thing to remember is: His decision to disable us is also His will for a benefit that can’t foresee at the moment. Well, if whatever is happening in our life is a result of God’s choice or decision – then what is our role in life?

Our role in life remains the same in physical action but it changes in the way we carry out our routine. We begin to act as God’s tools. A tool or an instrument is generally life-less. But we have feelings, and now our feelings completely synchronise with the intentions of God. Whatever makes God happy, that gives us happiness. Whatever makes God angry, same thing makes us angry! We submit ourselves and abide by whatever happens as the will of God.

In that case, why did Bharatha not accept Rama’s decision to leave Ayodhya?

It is only out of love for Rama that Bharatha submitted himself and pleaded him to return to Ayodhya. But his submission was not successful UNTIL Rama wished to come back! There was nothing wrong with the way the submission was done, it was pure and loving. There was nothing wrong with the recipient of the submission, i.e. Rama himself because He is THE most capable (sarva samardhudu). There was nothing wrong with the doer of the submission, i.e. Bharatha, He truly felt helpless and sought Rama. However, it was against Rama’s will and hence Bharatha had to wait.

Vibheeshana also submitted himself to Rama and he succeeded right away. Rama promised Vibheeshana to crown him as the King of Lanka and adored him as His own brother. In this instance also, the submission, the doer and recipient are all perfect. But, Rama decided right away that He accept Vibheeshana to be a friend and not foe, and it was done! Vibheeshana did not have to wait like Bharatha did.

So, it is neither faultless submission nor pure love that changes the outcome or gives us desired results. It is neither our hard work nor our laziness that enables or disable us. It is ONLY God’s decision.

In that case, why do even try for anything, why do we even pray, why do even run around throughout the day?

The reason we act is because God has given us the ability to work. You may ask, how does the ability matter when it can’t yield the results? The ability matters very much because God chooses to protect you through the abilities given to you, that is why you are given a body that is designed to work towards a deed. If God’s choice was to keep you idle, He would have given you a body of a stone. But, you are in a body that can work. And so, we pray, we work hard and we run around 😊.

Nammalwar sweetly talks to his manas and says, ‘Oh my dear Manas, let us bow down and submit to that God, who has Lakshmi Devi in his heart forever! That God, Narayana who is always accompanied by such a tender, beautiful, compassionate and glorious mother is the Ultimate thathvam to whom we submit ourselves.’

What does it mean to Submit ourselves?

You can call yourself submitted to God if you let God rule your life, if you don’t obstruct Him.

But, wait – If I am a mere instrument, how will I have the ability to obstruct Him?

If you keep thinking that you will work on the things in your own way – that feeling itself is the blocker for His grace! Just like a mother stays away from a baby who is playing all by herself until he/she weeps for her, God’s grace also doesn’t reach you if you feel that you will carry out your own deeds. (pay attention to the words in bold because it is primarily the feel with which you do a task that binds you or releases you from the impact of it)

So, call out the manas, the intellect, the senses, the limbs, and the entire body to be your friends in remembering God’s presence in everything you do! Because, unless the manas is with you, you cannot move ahead.

Submit yourself this way, and the journey of life will now be much more purposeful, highly productive and more importantly beautiful and blissful because you are now travelling with the Supreme power as your loving companion!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji

– Bhagavad Vishayam, 2nd November, Divya Saketham

But, Is the way we lead our life the goal of life? Will leave you to ponder on it and keep in touch with us for more excerpts from Swamiji’s discourses!