Jai Srimannarayana..!

Theertha Go:shti

Thousand plus people flooded today’s Theertha Go:shti that commenced around 8:30 AM. HH was gracious enough to bless all the assembled devotees with the holy the:rtham with an inviting smile although it lasted over an hour.
Va:stu Pu:ja

In continuation to yesterday’s Ankuraropana in connection with the consecration of the Temple, Va:stu Puja was performed with the blessings and guidance of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji. Along with HH Chinna Jeeyar Swami, HH Sri Vrathadhara Jeeyar Swami also graced the Va:stu Pu:ja. With the blessings of HH, Madhusu:dana:cha:rya, Sriniva:sa:cha:rya along with other Ruthviks performed Va:stu puja comprising of Va:stu Homam, Va:stu Bali and Paryagni: Karanam.

Dr. Rameshwar Rao, Chairman JIVA , Mr. Murali Krishnam Raju Secretary JIVA, Mr. Ch. Ramchandra Reddy and other devotees along with their families participated in today’s event.

In the Va:sthu Ho:mam, the ruthwiks offered oblations to the holy fire chanting the concerned vedic hymns.
Picture of Va:stu Purusha (Lord of Va:stu) was drawn with minerals such as red, yellow and white oxides. Different demi-gods were invited into different limbs of Va:stu Purusha and were offered food preparations made of grains as a part of Va:stu Bali. A bundle of Darbha grass was lit at the end of the fire sacrifice and was carried around the temple premises in order to compensate for any Va:stu Do:shams (imperfections in temple architecture as per the ancient Vedic science of architecture called Va:stu). This practice is known as Paryagni: Karanam. Many devotees attended the ritual and received the blessings.

Volunteers Meeting

Today HH had a detailed meeting with the volunteer groups who came from far and wide. Some of the teams from Visakhapatnam and Arthamur were given the responsibility of security in the ground. HH gave them hints as how and what situations they need to be vigilant at. HH and the organizers held discussions focusing on other various important areas.

One of the volunteer had a chance to interact with the assembled devotees wherein she spoke to a lady named, Vijaya from Nalgonda. In the course of their discussion, the volunteer asked vijaya’s opinion on how she felt about the whole program. Her reply was:
“I have attended many public gatherings and marriages wherein organizers have a tough time being hospitable and taking care of 500 to 1000 guests. I am absolutely amazed to see HH’s whole-hearted arrangements for these tens of thousands of people.“

Isn’t it awesome!

As the volunteer walked past she met a couple of devotees, Mithila and Yasoda Pande, who are from Nepal. Ms. Pande happens to be the president of Sri Ram Santikunj Anaatha Mahila Seva Asram. Along with them there are quite a good number of other devotees from Nepal who are staunch devotees of HH attending the Satha:bdi celebrations. They opinioned that the hot summer didn’t bother them, indeed, turned out to be quite pleasant and invigorating with HH presence.


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