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The Jeeyar Satha:bdi 2009 celebrations of our Parama:cha:rya Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji under the auspices of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji are in full momentum at Sriramnagar JIVA premises in Samshabad where HH is dedicating the grand Sri Kodandarama, Ranganatha and Vaikuntanatha temple to the public after the consecration on 7th of May this year. Brisk activity is evident in every corner of the a:sram. All the devotees are spirited and geared up for the upcoming grand event. Starting from early in the morning all through the day and till late in the night, HH is always on his heels involving himself in each and every details of all the event arrangements. Be it the sculpture on the walls of the temple or painting the frescos in the temple; whether it be the installation of the huge tents or building the ya:gasa:las and the ho:ma kunda:s; whether it be providing facilities for visiting public or arranging transport for volunteers and taking care of amenities for stationed volunteers or participating Ruthwiks – whatever it be, HH is there to direct them with meticulous details, guiding the proceedings, instructing the craftsmen with thorough details, arranging for men and materials; providing hot prasa:dams and clean distilled drinking water, encouraging thousands of volunteers and giving them inspiration to render flawless service. HH is striving hard to make Satha:bdi celebrations memorable so that its memories last their lifetimes and remain in the pages of history forever. HH is seeing to it that there is no lapse left unattended in regards to the facilities provided for the visitors or the guests or the stationed volunteers. The vedic scholars trained in JET’s a:gama schools are on their job all day preparing for upcoming programs starting from today.

The temple is an architectural marvel constituting three floors with an Ashta:nga Vimana, decorated with paintings and sculptures. It is sure to take visitors breath away for a moment and must be seen to be believed. It is amazing to see how the sculptors put forward all their effort and skill into the sculptures. It is wonderful watching the painters exhibiting all their creativity and expertise in making the murals come to life. Whichever side you turn, you gaze, you see Lord Na:ra:yana and his consorts in their various incarnations and different postures.

Today being the first day of the consecration ceremony of the Sri Kodandara:ma, Rangana:tha and Vaikuntana:tha temple, the starting ritual ‘Ba:lakumbha Sthapana’ was held with all devotion and dedication at an auspicious time of 9:30 AM fixed by the vedic scholars. The proceedings were held under the guidance of our A:cha:rya, by the adhya:paka:s of our A:gama school Sriman Sampath Mudumbai Madhusu:dana:charyulu and Sri Samudra:la Srinivasa:charyulu in the special mandapam erected for the purpose. With the permission of HH who came to the mandapam to bless the process, the ruthwiks commenced the ritual. The pandits took sankalpam for combating all the obstacles, for the well being of the society and the state and for the peace and prosperity of the world. This ‘Ba:lakumbha Stha:pana’ is held as per the A:gama Sa:stra by the pundits to eliminate any obstacles in the way of Prathisht’a.

HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji held a long meeting with thousands of volunteers who have come from far and wide regarding their duties and responsibilities. HH’s interaction with volunteers boosted their spirits and raised their enthusiasm to the skies.

Ankura:rpan’a, a ceremony performed as a part of Temple installation for bestowing all auspiciousness, started at 8:30 pm today. HH graced the event along with Rajasthan’s Rama:yani Palahari Maharaj, who will be overseeing the Satha:bdi’s afternoon events catering the needs of Hindi Speaking devotes. Dr. Rameshwar Rao, Mr. Murali Krishnam Raju and others along with their families participated in the event. HH informed that today is a very auspicious day, called as “Akshaya Thruti:ya” suitable for performing Ankura:rpan’a. Further, HH explained that today happens to be Parasura:ma Jayanthi and Puri Jagganath’s Ratha Yatra day. HH also informed that today is celebrated as “Chandano:tsavam” in Simha:chalam where in “Vara:ha Lakshmi Narasimha” blesses devotees with his original form. For the rest of the year, deity’s original form is concealed under the sacred sandalwood paste that’s applied to appease his ferocious mood.
It is believed that when the Supreme Lord is invited into a temple to dwell there in the form of ‘Archa: Murthy’ (deity form), the yaksha, da:nava, ra:kshasa and dushta sakthis (evil powers) try their best to obstruct the consecration procedure. Vishwakse:na A:ra:dhana is done to avert any such obstacles that could potentially hinder the progress of the event. Punya:hava:chanam is performed to sanctify the paraphernalia used in the Yagna (Fire Sacrifice). Mruth Sangrahanam, the act of gathering sand from different areas of temple premises, was performed followed by Raksha:bandhanam.

During Ankura:rpan’a, Vedic hymns are chanted and a fire sacrifice is performed while 9 different grains are put into clay plates filled with the sand, collected during Mruth Sangrahanam,. These seeds are known as “Oshadhis” whose ruling demi-god is Moon under whose influence; grains in general are known to germinate. Therefore, to facilitate proper germination, Ankura:rpan’a ceremony is performed after moonrise. Typically the plant growth from the planted grains after 9 days represents the prosperity of the event undertaken.

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