When we really crave for something and finally achieve it, we greatly relish the experience of it. Let’s take a favourite dessert, any sweet dish. How many servings can you eat? One, two, three … may be even ten. But, there will be a saturation point that lets us say, ‘That’s enough, I can’t have anymore!’ Even elixir or amurtham that Devathas had is only a small serving and they haven’t touched it since then. A small drop of that kept them satisfied!

However, Nammalwar describes God as ‘Ever-desirable elixir’, amrutham that one cannot feel satisfied about. You are always on the drive to want more and more of His greatness, more and more of His excellence, more and more of His sweet qualities, more and more of His compassion! Such a beautiful description from Nammalwar about the experience of relishing God’s qualities and the experience of wanting to be in his sannidhyam, in his Abode!

Nammalwar sang 1000 songs in praise of God with such beautiful and extremely rich descriptions. They were so great that in those days, whoever sang these songs attained liberation right away! This was unacceptable to some people in the society because people used it whenever one got upset even for small fights

Chinnajeeyar on Nammalwar mokshothsavam

within family members. The songs were then edited to give liberation after one ends their current life-time rather than right away!

Alwar-Thirunagari, the place where Nammalwar lived for 32 years – 16 years with no connection to any external influences and another 16 years after he was awakened by Madhura Kavi a:lwa:r. During those 16 years, he shared his wisdom about God through his songs. He would speak about one quality of God and stay in Trans for a while; return and then continue. At the age of 32, He pleaded very strongly asking God to take him to his abode. God accepted and wished Him to take the a:lwa:r through the same body that he was in. Nammalwar refused reaching Him in the current body. He descibed the nature of the body to be very deceptive, but God insisted that he is happy to host that body which helped Him sing the most beautiful verses ever sung on God in the entire history! Nammalwar then disappeared into Lord’s feet. (Now, take a look at the featured image of this post – How inspiring, and how immensely devoted is the a:lwa:r!)

All the sadhus and scholars were very saddened about losing Nammalwar and expressed to God that they cannot live without him..!

God offered a Deity form of Nammalwar to them. And till today – The same form is being worshipped by everyone at Alwar Thirunagari!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami!

Many great poets such as Annamacharya and all studied these songs and were immersed in Love for Lord which resulted in their compositions!

Under the divine presence of Swamiji, Divya Saketham celebrated Nammalwar’s Mokshotsavam on Bahula Panchami with so much love and respect towards Nammalwar. What can one give back to someone who has given us God? Only Love and Respect. Let’s all bow down to such a great a:lwa:r who stands as the backbone for the ‘Bhakthi’ philosophy.

With utmost reverence to our beloved Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, – who very gracefully and patiently explained and made everyone feel the beautiful thatvam as described in those songs, we invite you all to watch the entire discourse in our channel.

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