New lunar year is named Sa:rvari, meaning ‘darkness’. That may sound scary. But, there is always a way to prepare yourself to handle any kind of ‘darkness’. If you can prepare to “hold a light” with yourself, then darkness will neither impact you nor people around you. The source of light that eliminates darkness for you must be superior to everything. It is only then that light can surpass the power of darkness no matter how intense it may be.

God is the ultimate source of all light. As the ‘virus’ of darkness is showing its mean and cruel face to the world from the last few weeks, let us all stay strong holding the light of divine energy, God. Focus on scriptural wisdom from our ancestors, the rushis who taught us the right way to live. Follow the instructions of the government to stay home and safe.

Let us recollect our lineage beginning the day of Ugadi and take it forward till Sri Rama Navami. Let these 9 days (vasantha navaratri) inspire you to lead a life as recommended by our purva:charyas (the teachers of eternal divine wisdom)and a:lwa:rs (blessed devotees). Uga:di marks the beginning of our existence (Yuga A:di – Yuga:di) with the appearance of the Supreme power as Lord Ranganattha. The day starts with ‘abhyangana sna:nam’ (divine shower for yourself as Lord’s presence within you as antarya:mi and for the Lord as Deity in your home and at temples), followed by ‘pandha:nga sravanam’ (collective forecast of time  referred using five elements – thidhi, nakshatra, vara, yoga, karana) and ‘nimbha kusuma sweekaram’ (delicious six flavored dish indicating life to be full to be a mixture of emotions and that we must enjoy it all as a gift from God). 

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– New Lunar Year Sa:rvari  

An inspired devotee of Sri Swamiji, Nina Nanda ji offered a beautiful poem that we would like to share with all our readers. Nina ji always refers herself as a ‘pen’ of her acharya, wishing to be utilised as acharya seems fit.

The earth is in quarantine, it’s healing,
From a debilitating attack of Homo Virus,
Blow by blow, till its capacity of dealing,
Ebbed to a low, was the earth dying?

Its guard, ozone layer, pierced with holes,
The digging going deeper till its innards showed,
Homo Virus, trying to reach its greedy goals,
Unconcerned, ripped and dug, felled and tore.

Homo Sapiens felled trees, deaf to their cries,
Carelessly digging the earth for coal and metals,
Killing animals recklessly, heedless of sighs,
The Homo Virus was rampant killing all around.

The suffering, moaning earth shed acid tears,
Lifted tired, surrendering eyes to the Creator,
The Just One calmly heard the earth’s fears,
Helped it to create an antibody, Corona.

The new Virus crept, passing from one to another,
Creating havoc in bodies, yet cleansing souls,
A Frankenstein created by our own brother,
A monster, an outcome of our thoughtless acts.

Now we are reaping what we did mindlessly sow,
But forgiving trees still give us their fruit,
We still receive milk, the crops still grow,
Birds sing and flowers bloom to give cheer.

As Mother Earth’s wounds slowly heal,
Nature occupies its allocated space,
To the Supreme, earth sends an appeal,
Forgive my children oh Lord! Destroy Corona.

We are being forgiven, the new year brings cheer,
Be courageous, be patient, be grateful,
Sing praise to His glory, put away your fear,
Let’s live as He wills, in harmony with Nature .