no:ththuch chuvargam puguginra ammana:y
ma:ththamum tha:ra:ro: va:sal thirava:da:r
na:ththa ththuzha:y mudi na:ra:yanan, namma:l
po:ththap parai tharum punniyana:l, pandoruna:l,

ku:ththaththin va:y vi:zhnda kumbakarananum,
tho:ththum unakke: perunthuyil tha:n thanda:no:
a:ththa anandaludaiya:y ! arungalame: !
the:ththama:y vandu thirave:lo:remba:va:y.

Meanings with Pictures

puguginra = Who is entering
chuvargam = the heavens of enjoyment
ammana:y = O’ Dear !
no:ththu = having vowed to our Vratham
va:sal thirava:da:r = if you don’t opened your front doors
ma:ththamum tha:ra:ro: =atleast can’t you (promise) open your mouth?
na:ththa = the fragrance spreading
mudi = (the one with) crown
thuzha:y = adorned with tulasi
na:ra:yanan = of Na:ra:yana
namma:l = By us (He)
po:ththa = is being praised
parai tharum = (and) will bless us with paraphernelia required for our vratham
punniyana:l = To the divine form of righteousness personified (Rama)
pandoruna:l = on a day in the past
kumbakaranum = Kumbhakarna
ku:ththaththin va:y vi:zhinda = fell into the mouth of death
tho:ththum = Having thus lost
unakke: = to you,
tha:n thanda:no: = had left to you
perumthuyil = the big sleep
a:ththa anandaludaiya:y = O’ the one with long sleep
arungalame: = who is our highly favoured adorned devotee of the Lord
the:ththama:y vandu = Join us without any hurdle of hurry, Come
thirave: = open the door

Short Meaning –

Anda:l is waking up a girl who is eagerly waiting but, acting as if she is sleeping, to come out hurrily to join the group to go to Lord Krishna and participate in the Vratham.
O’ the self enjoying girl, having vowed to do this Vratham (yesterday night), if you don’t want to open the door, atleast, can’t you open your mouth ? Lord Narayana adorned with the crown made of Tulasi spreading its wonderful fragrance,being (worshipped) praised by us, blesses us with the instruments necessary for our Vratham. Kumbhakarna who was killed by the righteousness incarnated form of Lord, in the past, did that Kumbhakarna gave away all his sleep to you and left, as he couldn’t compete with you ? O’ the one with great sleep ! without hurry and hurdle, come prepared and open the door.

Jai Srimannarayana !