kanaiththilam kaththerumai kanrukkirangi,
ninaiththu mulaivazhiye: ninrupa:l so:ra
nanaiththillam se:ra:kkum narchchelvan thanga:i
paniththalai vi:zhanin va:sal kadai paththi

sinaththina:l thennilangaik ko:ma:naich cheththa
manaththukk iniya:naip pa:davum ni: va:y thirava:y
iniththan ezhundira:y i:denna pe:rurakkam
anaiththillaththa:rum arinde:lo:remba:va:i ||

English Meaning:

O! Sister of the rich cowherd who is unable to leave the side of Krushna, your house has become muddy and slushy by the profuse milk flowing from the un-milked cows which are distressed for their calves have not yet arrived and hence are leaving abundant milk imagining their calves are sucking milk from them. We, unmindful of the heavy dew-fall on our heads and the marshy soil beneath, are hanging by the roof of your house, unable to leave you and are singing the glories of Lord Rama who with anger, slew and tormented the King of Lanka Ra:vana. Yet! You do not open your mouth! At least kindly get up now! What a long sleep this is! People in the neighboring houses too, have come to know of your deep slumber. So saying they awoke the 7th Go:pika.

Jai Srimannarayana !