pullinva:y ki:nda:naip polla:varakkanai
killik kalainda:naik ki:rthimai pa:dippo:i
pillaikalella:rum pa:vaikkalam pukka:r
velli ezhundu viya:zham urangiththu

pullum silumbinaka:n po:darikkannina:y
kullak kulirakudaindu ni:ra:da:de:
pallikkidaththiyo: pa:va:y ni:nanna:la:l
kallam thavirndu kalande:lo:remba:va:y ||

English Meaning:

O! Girl! All our companions are singing the glories and prowess of Sri Krushna who tore apart the mouth of the evil crane Baka:sura, and who in an earlier incarnation as Sri Rama, killed the wicked Ra:vana with ease. Our friends have now reached a designated place to perform their vratham. The Venus has now arisen and the Jupiter has already set, indicating dawn. The birds are chirping loudly, and flying in all directions in search of food. O! Beautiful doll with eyes black as the blackbee entangled in a flower, and eyes which move swiftly like a doe, all of us should plunge in the cold river waters such that it cools our agony of separation from the Lord; instead you are sleeping all alone, without joining us! Leave your pretence and join our group to perform the vartham together. So saying they awoke the 8th Go:pika.

Jai Srimannarayana !