kuththu vilakke:riyak ko:ttukka:l kattinme:l
meththenra panchasayanaththin me:le:ri,
koththalar pu:nkuzhal nappinnai kongai me:l,
vaiththuk kidanda malar ma:r pa: ! va:y thirava:y

maiththanan kannina:y ! ni: unmana:lanai
eththanai po:dum thuyilezha votta:y ka:n
eththanai e:lum piriva:ththagilla:ya:l,
thaththuvamenru thagav e:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

English Meaning:
Surrounded by clusters of lamps glowing brightly, O Swamy ! You who mounted on a soft, cool
white, wide and fragrant bed made of many such 5 qualities laid high on a cot with supports made
of the elephant Kuvalayapida’s tusks; You who placed Your head on the bosom of Neeladevi whose
tresses have been decorated with bunches of blooming flowers – O! The one with broad Chest – Sri
Krishna! please speak to us. O ! Neeladevi with beautiful wide eyes decorated with collyrium!, Why
are you not letting Your husband turn His face away from You even for a moment ? Can You not
endure the separation even for a little while ? Oh mother! it does not befit Your nature and quality
of Purushaka:ra (Acting as a mediator between us and the Lord to convey our prayers to HIM and
get HIS grace)