muppaththu mu:var amararku mun senru,
kappam thavirkum kaliye: ! thuyilezha:y
seppamudaiya:y ! thiraludaiya:y ! seththarku
veppam kodukkum vimala: ! thuyilezha:y,

seppenna menmulai sevva:y, sirumarungul,
nappinnai nanga:y ! thiruve: thuyilezha:y,
ukkamum thattoliyum thandunmana:lanai,
ippo:de: yemmai ni:ra:tte:lo:remba:va:i

Meanings with Pictures

English Meaning:
O powerful!, You who rush to the aid of all the 33 groups of demigods , even before any calamity
befalls on them thereby eradicating their fears, please wake up. You who possess the quality of
destroying the fears of those who seek Your refuge, You who is the one who has great power and
strength, the one who causes sorrows and affliction to the enemies, O Virtuous one – please wake up.
O Neeladevi, you who cannot endure the separation of Your husband, You who bear golden-pot like
bossoms and red lips, O the one who is full in all aspects, O ! the one who is endowed with
‘experiences of Sri Krishna’ as wealth, please awake. Please give us a fan, a mirror and please give us
Your husband too; Quickly make us all bathe together with Krishna.