e:ththa kalangal ethirpongi mi:dalippa,
maththa:de: pa:l soriyum vallam perum pasukkal,
a:ththap padaiththa:n magane:! arivura:y
u:ththamudaiya:y periya:y ! ulaginil

tho:ththama:y ninra sudare: ! thuyilezha:y
maththa:r unakku valitholaindu un va:sarkan,
a:ththa:du vandu unnadi paniyuma:po:le:
po:ththiya:m vando:m pugazhndu e:lo:remba:va:y ||

Meanings with Pictures

O! Sri Krushna! The milk is gushing, flowing incessantly – into the pots kept high (under the cow’s udder). The pots are so quickly filled with the milk, that it is overflowing and springing out of the vessels as soon as it is placed under the udder! O! You, who is the beloved son of Nandago:pa who is the owner of herds of such excellent cattle that flush milk with great compassion, please awaken and come to Your senses. O the Supremely Radiant One! You, who have been described as the sole objective in the Ve:das, O! The one who is all-encompassing and who cannot be measured and is in-comprehensible, You have taken a visible form in this world for our sake – Please wake up. Those who developed animosity with You – all such enemies got defeated before Your immense strength and have taken refuge in You. They have been serving Your divine feet, unable to leave Your threshold. Similarly, we too got defeated before Your divine qualities and shedding our feminism we have fallen near You, singing Your glories and offering You our good wishes. Please arise and come… paasuram1

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !