ku:da:rai vellumsi:r go:vinda: ! undannai
ppa:di paraikondu ya:m peru samma:nam,
na:du pugazhum parisina:l nanra:ga,
su:dagame: tho:lvalaiye: tho:de: sevippu:ve:

pa:dagame: yenranaiya palkalanum ya:manivo:m
a:dai yuduppo:m athanpinne: pa:l so:ru
mu:da ney peydu muzhangai vazhi va:ra
ku:di irundu kulir nde:lo:remba:va:i ||

Meanings with Pictures

O! Go:vinda! You possess a divine quality of always attaining victory over those who cannot stand Your presence and those who are against You. By performing this Vratham, here are the fruits we desire.
We desire to sing praises of You alone, receive the musical instrument parai, and be greatly honored by You; And for this the whole world must speak appreciations for us. We want to be adorned by You with the jewels like bracelets, bangles, shoulder ornaments, earrings, anklets and many other such ornaments worthy of being praised by the whole world. We want beautiful, silk clothes to wear. Then, all of us together want to enjoy relishing with You, the milk and rice pudding full of ghee such that the ghee in it drips down to our elbows while eating.

Short Meaning –
Jai Srimannarayana !