ki:zh va:nam vellendu yerumai siruvi:du
me:yva:n parandana ka:n mikkulla pillaikalum
po:va:n po:ginra:raip po:ga:mal ka:ththu unnai
kku:vuva:n vandu ninro:m, ko:du kalamudaya

pa:va:y ! ezhundira:y pa:di parai kondu
ma:va:y pilanda:nai mallarai ma:ttiya
de:va:di de:vanaich chenruna:m se:viththa:l
a:va:venra:ra:yndu arule:lo:remba:va:i

Meanings with Pictures

ki:zh = In the eastern horizon
va:nam = of the sky
vellenru = it dawned
erumai = cattle (buffaloes)
meyva:n = to feed on
siruveedu = for their first feed, were released
parandana ka:n = have spr
mikkulla ppillaigalum = all other children
po:ginrarai =(who) are going
po:va:n = as going itself is the purpose
po:ka:mal ka:ththu = we having stopped them
unnai kku:vuva:n =to call you too
vandu ninro:m = and came and stood here
ko:du kalamudaya = O! enjoying
pa:va:y = little girl !
ezhundira:y = wake up
pa:di = we shall sing the glories of Lord Krishna
parai kondu = and take the instruments(paraphernalia) for our vratham
pilanda:nai = having pierced
va:y = mouth
ma: = of Aswasura (horse headed demon)
na:m = we
sennu = shall go
se:viththa:l = and serve Him
a: a:v enru = with lot of eagerness and as if he is indebted to us
a:ra:yndu = enquires all about us
arul = and blesses us with all our wishes
Why are you so lethargic, come on to participate in our Vratham ?paasuram1

Short Meaning –

Anda:l is waking up a girl who is sleeping in the devotion of Lord Krishna and enjoying the songs of His glories sung by Anda:l and the group from inside. “In the Eastern Horizon of the sky, the dawn has begun, cattle have spread on the plains for their first feed. Though children are going(to Lord Krishna ), as going itself is their purpose, we have stopped them and we all came to take you too along with us! We know that You are much fond of this Vratham ! O ‘ Little girl, wake up. Let us go to our Lord Krishna who killed the great wrestlers Chanura and Mushtika. Come ! we shall take from Him, the instruments required for our Vratham. If we go to Him before He arrives to our place, then He with the feeling of indebtedness , with lot of eagerness and Love towards us, will bless us with all our wishes.

Jai Srimannarayana !