Sravana Sukravaram Events Especially for all Women!

Love to our Divine Mother, Lakshmi Devi
God conveyed this secret to us both in Vedam and during the course of his Incarnations.

Aagama scriptures say,

‘మమాపి హి  మతం హ్యే:తత్ నాన్యథా లక్షణం భవేత్ లక్ష్మీహి పురుషకారత్వే

నిర్దుష్ఠ మహర్షిభిః హి …  మత్ ప్రాప్తిమ్ ప్రతి జంతూనాం సంసారే పతతాం అథః లక్ష్మీహి’

God also mentioned in the 9th chapter of Bhagavad Githa,

‘అపి చేత్ సుదురాచారో భజతే మాం అనన్య భాక్

సాధురేవ స మంతవ్యహ సమ్యక్ వ్యవసితో హి సహ’

No matter how sinful one is, if he seeks refuge of ‘మాం’ with utmost perseverance, then I will consider him as a good person. ‘మాం in the above sloka refers to the mother’, a secret revealed by great acharyas!’

God’s greatest quality of ‘compassion’ takes a form called ‘Lakshmi Devi’. She takes the responsibility of protecting all of us. There is absolutely no way that anyone can become prosperous in wealth, health, power or even attain the state of eternal bliss without her recommendation to God.

Let’s see what episode in history shows the importance of Lakshmi Devi in protection. During Sri Rama avatar, Devathas wanted to see when he gets angry because he was quiet peaceful no matter how many hurdles he came across. They sent Jayantha (son of Indra, also named ‘Kaka Asura’) to hurt Sitha Devi and Rama’s anger went up to the skies. He saved Jayantha only because he fell at the feet of Rama when Sitha Devi was around. Sitha Devi recommended to Sri Rama that he forgive Kaka Asura because he did not hurt Sitha Devi upon his choice, but agreed to do so as Devathas ordered him to. However, Ravana was killed because he did not follow Sitha Devi’s advice.

It is very much possible that God may not be ready to protect us if we approach him directly because he is a follower of ‘rule book’ – with all the sins or karma, he might just ask us to go through the route of paying for our wrong doings. In that case, it is only Lakshmi Devi who is there for us. She is very compassionate. And she has the courage and ability to convince Lord on behalf of us. She knows that there is a chance that everyone commits one or more sins, be it a simple lie or a cruel thought in your heart against someone..!

On this auspicious last Friday of Sravana Ma:sam, an E:kadasi, which is Hari vasaram, May our mother bless us with all that is required to do the right deeds! It is also the Bhagavad Ramanuja’s monthly birth star, Ardra today. How fortunate are we take the opportunity of this nice coincidence and pray for the well-being of everyone!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Sravana Sukravaram at Divya Saketham

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Under the direct supervision and guidance of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami, Divya Saketham organised ‘Samuhika Lakshmi Puja’ a prayer for our divine mother – Lakshmi Ammavar on the morning of the 3rd Sarvana Sukravaram, the Sravana Friday’.

The prayer began with inviting the mother who resides in our heart into the deity, prathima that was given by Sri Swamiji to everyone. ‘Aradhana kramam’, the way of worship was beautifully explained by Swamiji. This allowed the participants to deeply associate themselves in serving her, till the end. The prayer ended with seeking her support in reaching the divine abode of Srimannarayana!

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How many times have we got into a fight with a loved one? Most of the times, the reason is either: Possessiveness (Mamakaram) or Ego (Ahankaram), Isn’t it?! Did our sweet mother Lakshmi Devi also become possessive of Narayana? Let’s see what happened in Divya Saketham on the Sravana Sukravaram, 4th of August.

Divya Saketham very fondly hosted ‘Lakshmi Narayana Kalyanam’ with loads of love and gratitude towards the eternal parents. After the wedding in the afternoon, Narayana Murthi stepped away on some routine and was supposed to reach back at Divya Saketham to Lakshmi Devi at around 7pm. But, it was about 8pm by the time he reached home.

Our mother is now upset! When he tried stepping into the sannidhi of Lakshmi Devi, she closed the door. She asked him why his vasthram/clothes were dirty and where has he been for so long. He told him that he had gone to kill Hiranyaksha, a horrible demon. Then, she responded to him that he has gone to save Mother Earth, Bhudevi 

She asked him why his jandhyam, sacred thread is all tangled up.  He answered back saying he had gone out in rush to help Gajendra, the great elephant who was in huge trouble.

She asked him why there is a mark of kunkum on his chest. He answered back saying it is only he was trying to help someone in trouble.

He even offered to test him, saying he will put his hand in a pot containing a snake! He offered that he will stand in the sea for however long until she believes him.

But she then replied back saying, ‘The snake is your divine seat, will he say anything against you? and the sea is your home, what can it say?’

He then took refuge of our alwars (devotees) and acharyas asking them to explain why he was late. They all then explained to Lakshmi Devi that Narayana was out only to help everyone.

Now, isn’t Lakshmi Devi the first to come when someone needs protection. Isn’t she the one who encourages Narayana to keep the rules aside, and brings out compassion in him? Yes, of course!

The entire event was celebrated to enjoy the sweet relationship between Lakshmi Devi and Narayana. The event was beautifully presented by a team Raghavacharya Swami (writer of the songs sung for the sannivesam).

Team Ayyavaru/Narayana: Raghu Dattha ji, Abhishek ji, Mithilesh ji and Gopi Garu

Team Ammavaru/Lakshmi Devi: Ramanujam ji, Vishnu ji, Ranjith ji

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami narrated a beautiful event during Krishna’s lifetime depicting his naughtiness. The place was filled with joy and laughter during the entire narration! God resides in all of us to keep us alive. But, God resides in Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami to show us HIMSELF!

Samudrala Ranga Ramanujacharya Garu very clearly stated that the whole event is for our joy only. In fact, the divine couple is well aware of each other’s hardships in protecting all of us. They are the most understanding and the most ideal couple ever!

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