Mother Sitha’s Prayer to Godavari River

As Sitha Devi crossed the Godavari river along with Sri Rama, Lakshmana and Guha, she prayed to the river for her safe return to Ayodhya! She offered a heart-felt grand harathi to the river. She bathed in the waters

A mother’s dialogue with Swamiji

Mother: Swamiji, my son is not at all paying attention to God. He does not care about being devoted to God. He is too involved in his games on phone, with friends, watching movies etc. Swamiji: Ok, let’s talk

Swamiji asks, Has anyone seen God?

Most people answered ‘no’, some of them said, ‘not yet’. Swamiji then clarified the following to a wonderful and curious crowd at Allagadda, Kurnool district! Are you curious too? Here’s the excerpt of Swamiji’s message for you all, our

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Mandasa Bramhothsavam 3rd Day

17/02/2017 Morning : Chathustthana archana in yagasala, agni pratishtta and dwaja:rohana rituals were conducted in the morning.Later, Lord Rama Vasudeva was taken in a procession on Hanumad vahanam.On the main stage, the lord was seated on the main stage and Sri