Mighty Hanuman bridged distance between Rama and His happiness, Mother Sitha. He is a chiranjeevi, one who lives forever. His greatness is described by Valmiki Maharshi in Kishkinda Kanda of Srimad Ramayana.
         Let’s take support of the same Hanuman to bridge distance between ourselves and our abilities. These abilities that will make us immune to any kind of viruses, not just covid-19!

What is the process?

         It’s nothing complicated.

  • 44 Days starting from Hanumath Jayanthi (May 17th) To Guru Purnima (June 5th)

  • Chant the sankalpam (sacred aim of the prayer) and these 5 slokas at 6:30am everyday

  • Write “Sri Rama” on your pulse 108 times (no ink, just write with your finger)

  • Gather 108 grains everyday (rice grains, or wheat grains, any item that can be later used for your consumption)

  • Cook the gathered grains at the end of the week, on Saturday and offer it to Sri Rama and Hanuman. Receive the divine prasad.


Is it 6:30am IST? What time should I be chanting if I live in other parts of the world

Ans: Please perform this at 6:30am your local time.

What should women do during their monthly cycle in this 44-day duration ?

Ans: Please ask one of your friends or family members to do this on behalf of you for the three to four days of the cycle time and resume later.

Are there any food restrictions ?

Ans: Try to keep up all the normal do’s and don’ts that are always recommended. You don’t need to try for any new eligibilities or give up already following recommendations.

How can I motivate others to participate?

Ans: You don’t need to do anything additional to motivate others. Be sincere and devoted to what you are practising, others will get motivated sooner or later.


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