This is an important question we must ponder on and get the answer right. Sadhus form the base of a critical task, keeping all of us safe and happy. Let’s therefore try to know who these sadhus are and what exactly defines them. We can then look around to see if our neighbour, colleague, friend is a sadhu. Maybe we can check for ourselves if we are a sadhu too? 

A sadhu is one who cannot bear a single moment of separation from God.

Yugaayutham nime:she:na chakshusha praavrudaayitham…

(a single moment of separation feels like a yuga to the sadhu)

➣ They are constantly serving God in their heart mesmerized by His great divine qualities. Their devotion is outpoured in the form of beautiful conversation between God and themselves as poems/songs. The meanings of these poems/songs align completely to the essence of Vedas. They are chanting the divine names of God which represent His characteristics, or His divine acts of compassion.

➣ They are constantly serving God through every activity they do, including when eating, working, travelling etc. They see other people and nature as embodiments of God. There by, their conduct is humble. They are highly knowledgeable about the nature of every being. There by, their conduct is beneficial to everyone. Serving God is all that they need to keep them alive. They feel dead the minute they feel separated from serving God, either through thought, word or action (manasa, vacha, karmana).

parithra:na:ya sa:dhu:na:m
vina:sa:ya cha dushkrutha:m |
dharma samsttha:pana:rttha:ya
sambhava:mi yuge: yuge: ||

– Chapter 4, Sloka 8
Jna:na Yo:gaha, Bhagavad Githa

Sri Krishna clearly states that He comes down to protect sa:dhu:s. It is the prime purpose of His avataras (appearance). As Krishna, He protected the sadhu:s: – gopikas, Maalakaara, Akrura, Bhishmacharya, Kuchela (parithra:na:ya sa:dhu:na:m). He also chose to eliminate evil forces like Kamsa (vina:sa:ya cha dushkrutha:m, the word ‘cha’ means ‘also’). He established right practises through the sa:dhu:s (dharma samsttha:pana:rttha:ya). And that’s why (for sa:dhu paritra:nam), He comes down in every yuga (sambhava:mi yuge: yuge:).

Sri Krishna, Gopikas!
Sri Krishna

Does God need a form to protect Sadhus?

God is omnipotent, all powerful. He can accomplish anything with a mere thought. Then, why does He need to take a form to protect the sadhus

Sadhus seek God alone and nothing else. Thus, He takes a form to fulfil their wish to serve Him and enjoy the bliss of His company. Example: Gajendra (an elephant king) sought God’s presence in physical form so he can serve Him. Nothing else would satisfy him.


Sadhus therefore aren’t always human beings. Any being who cannot bear a moment of separation from God is a sadhu. Prahlada was an asura, but he was a sadhu. Jatayu (a bird) was a sadhu. Since the time he met Rama, he never left the thought of serving Rama and fought till death in His service. Hanuman belongs to the same boat as well. These sadhus are called the torch bearers of Vyshnavas, worshippers of Maha Vishnu.


Take a moment and look around, can you spot a sadhu?

Don’t forget to take another moment, and check for yourself, Are you a sadhu?

Don’t worry if you are not a sadhu. Because, Krishna used a beautiful prefix ‘pari’ for the word ‘sadhu’. It means that He will protect all those who are associated with a sadhu. Let us take one step closer to knowing a sadhu and learning to be a good person in their association. 

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 18 th December 2019, Houston USA
– Dhanuramasam

Krishna comes down to protect the gopikas. He fulfils their wish to stay with them. But, He leaves for Madhura afterwards. Goda Devi imitated these gopikas and attained a permanent state of bliss. That was because she did not wish God for just the sake of her, but for all of us. The pain of separation she felt and the longing she experienced for Krishna outpoured in the form of 30 beautiful pasurams (poems/songs) which carry the essence of all Vedic scriptures. 

Watch Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji elaborate on these 30 pasurams live from Houston, USA!

Dhanuramasam,Sri Ashta Lakshmi Temple
Dhanuramasam,Sri Ashta Lakshmi Temple
Dhanuramasam,Sri Ashta Lakshmi Temple

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though i heard swamiji’s live your illustration through the pictures is commendable and increases knowledge of naaraayana. i do not know how i can convey my heartfelt thanks to you. i feel swamiji is with us even though he is far away from india at houston.