I believe most of us have either been in love or seen someone in love. If so, could I ask you to take a moment and pen down what you feel are the essential aspects of true love? Let’s also see how Vedam defines Love. Hopefully you will have a match to that scale!

Love, Friendship, Happiness, etc. are emotions to be felt and cannot be understood through verbal description. Then why must one listen to the description about Love from Vedam? Vedam is the source of knowledge that goes beyond the ability of our senses to rightly support and uplift us from the temporal pleasures in the path to eternal bliss. And therefore, here it is!

The six indicators of true love according to Vedam are:

  1. Ananya Arha Seshatvam
  2. Ananya Arha Saranatvam
  3. Ananya Bhogyatvam
  4. Samsleshaika Sukhitvam
  5. Visleshaika Dukhitvam
  6. Thadananyathvam

First indicator, Ananya Arha Seshatvam means that the couple in love belong to each other and no one else!

Second indicator, Ananya Arha Saranatvam means that the couple in love seeks refuge of each other and no one else!

Third indicator, Ananya Bhogyatvam means that the couple in love likes what the other person likes unquestionably.

Fourth indicator, Samsleshaika Sukhitvam means that the happiness of the couple lies in each other’s company.

Fifth indicator, Visleshaika Dukhitvam means that one feels unhappy in the absence of the other.

Sixth indicator, Thadananyathvam means that the couple feels their existence as one, and not two.

You can now check how close is your definition to what Vedam has given!! This is the minimum that a true love encompasses and anything more is definitely better!

Nammalwar has profound connection and love towards Lord that fits 100% with the above definition. Love towards Lord is defined as Bhakthi. When Nammalwar’s devotion outpoured in the form of words – it took the shape of the divine literature, Nalayara Divya Prabandham! The prabandham has pasurams, songs depicting:

  • His happiness in knowing Lord’s greatness, his form and the divine qualities!
  • His compassion towards others as he requests and at times instructs everyone to seek the refuge of God and ways to do it!
  • His sorrow when the experiences with God in his heart did not materialize to physical level!

When this sorrow reached an extreme state, his songs show the state of a woman who craves for the company of her loved one!

The depth and sanctity Nammalwar’s Love for God made his songs a prayer as well as a blessing to the rest of us!

Now, Let’s ponder about whether we truly Love God ?! – Our eternal companion whose presence we often fail to recognize and remember – who stands by us as a mother, a father, a friend, a lover, a supporter, a savior, a teacher, and more – the unseen unique power behind all the existence and yet the closest and the most accessible when one truly seek him!

-From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami at Divya Saketham!

The above is only a small excerpt of a section from the extensive and elaborate discourse from Swamiji. Sri Swamiji is reading the content of Bhagavad Vishayam of Nammalwar and discoursing on it whenever possible at Divya Saketham, JIVA asram, Sri Ram Nagar, Hyderabad. The discourses will be made available on JET WORLD (Youtube Channel) soon. Until then, we hope to keep you updated with the excerpts!

Jai Srimannarayana!