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Who revealed the saiva , sakti and gaanaapatya agamaas to the world

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THOSE PARTICULAR DEVATHAS ONLY ADVISED THEIR DEVOTEES TO DO THEIR PUJAS IN A PARTICULAR PROCESS, BECAME AGAMAS OF THOSE PARTICULAR DEVATHAS. IT IS THE SAME EVEN WITH LORD VISHNU ALSO. AND THAT BECAME ‘VAISHNAVA AGAMA’ MORE PARTICULARLY “SRI PA:NCHA RA:THRA A:GAMA”. But for vaikha:nasa system, it is the sage ‘vikhanas’ ordained his 4 disciples viz., atri, bhrugu, marichi & ka:syapa, to do the worship of Lord Vishnu only, and then they in turn, wrote some books on how to do the worship of Lord Vishnu. People started calling them as ‘vaikhanasa agama’.

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