The ‘Green Light’!

Addressing a very interactive and energetic crowd in Chennai, Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji spoke about a green light that every single one of us should be aware of. Only when this green light is turned on, the magic begins!

A mango-man with Golden heart!

The residents of Saptagiri Colony are a blessed lot. The Goda Ranganatha Kalyanam at Kodanda Ramalayam was a grand affair. About 600 people from all walks of life contributed and whole heartedly participated in the event. The Notable among them

Children Celebrate the Glory of God

Imagine a cute little kid holding his grandfather’s hand and walking in a park. The sight is beautiful to watch. Why? Because, their bond touches our hearts. Now, imagine a child praying to God. The bond that the child

Dhanurmasam Celebration 2018 – Vikasa Tarangini

Koodarai Vellum Sheer Govinda….! The 27th Pasuram which is signifies the day when Jeevathma reunites with Paramthma was well celebrated by the devotees at Srimathi Latha’s home located in Dasapalla Hills. Under the able supervision of The RigVeda scholar Sriman

Vizianagaram VT Activities

Vizianagaram, • Sri Rama Kalynam was performed at Budipet . In that, the glory of Bhagvad Ramanuja was made popular with film projected to the audience. The project of 100th anniversary of Ramanuja was explained in detail. • Blankets were