Jai SrimanNarayana! Pujya Chinna Jeeyar, Namskarams.

Why can one person not immerse in one particular activity like listening to divine music, read divine scriptures or articles, listen movies songs, etc. 24 hours a day? I ask this question because, I can listen to devotional music for a few hours, after that I get bored and I would like to listen to some movie songs…Is this right? I presume it is possible to be immersed in devotional music and reading devotional literature for some people why not everybody? Is it alright to find momentary hapiness in something like a movie song, listening to or watching sports event?



Jai Srimannarayana!

Listening 24 hours to devotional songs etc., is no doubt good. But the body never permits one to do so, because it has so many other things to do. If ignored the person will be thrown out by the society. And the karma also will not allow one to do so. Do it for some time and be able to attend all other activities as service to God only.


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