Manavala Mahamuni Thirunakshatram

2012 Oct 20: Manava:la Mahamuni Thirunakshatram

We all know that Bhagavad Ramanuja is the incarnation of Lord’s great devotee and servitor A:dise:sha. Bhagavad Ramanuja incarnated as Sri Varavara Muni (Manavala Mahamuni) in 14th century AD to re-establish the eternal Vedic religion lost during turmoil. His devotion towards Bhagavad Ramanuja and Sathakopa Muni (Nammalwar) is unparalleled. His pravachans were so mesmerising that Lord Ranganatha of Sri Rangam stopped all His uthsavams for one full year and came in the form of a small boy (as a disciple) to listen to acharya Varavara Muni’s great pravachans (called E:du on Thiruva:imoli of Sri Namma:lvar).

After one year of becoming a disciple and listening to the great acharya’s pravachans, Lord Ranganatha offered His benevolent A:disesha as Guru Dakshina to the Great Acharya. Hence Manavala Mahamuni is always seen with A:disesha gifted by Lord Himself.
The Lord also composed a verse out of respect towards His acharya with which all Sri Vaishnavas begin their a:ra:dhana:
“Sri Saile:sadaya:pa:thram Dhi:bhakthya:diguna:rnavam
Yathi:ndrapravanam vande ramya ja:ma:tharam munim”

2012 Oct 20th was the Thirunakshatram of this Great Acharya, one of the foremost in Sri Vaishnava Tradition, One who re-established the Sampradayam single-handedly. Obeisances unto Sri Manava:la Mahamuni (also known as Varavara Muni, Yathindra Pravana)

Image: Sri Manavala Mahamuni at Thirunarayana Temple, Melkote, Karnataka.

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