How many of us have attended a concert or at least heard of one? We celebrate and relish the talent of an individual or a group through concerts. Do you know that Lord also enjoys a similar event at temple once every year? However, his enjoyment leads to the benefit of everyone because the songs in this devotional concert show the path to bliss!

The 4000 pasurams, contain the root and essence of Vedic knowledge. This event named Adhyayanotsavams, is held in the mornings from 19th to 29th. It is celebrated in the evenings at 7:00pm for the remaining days. The duration of the event is close to one hour.

Lord’s compassion is limitless. All one needs is an interest in understanding what He is like, what our Goal is, how does one reach a state of permanent fulfilment etc! All such wonderful messages are encapsulated in these beautiful songs written and sung by a:lwa:rs. We invite one and all to take this opportunity to join this devotional concert for free!

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