Kunthi Devi came to Nandagokulm to see her nephew, Sri Krushna. Here’s what she saw at the door step of Krushna’s house, her first sight of Krushna! She witnessed the below incident…!

Yashoda was holding a stick, warning Krushna NOT to open his mouth. Krushna was tied to a grindstone. He was holding his cry because his mother is not allowing him to open his mouth to weep loud. He was moving up and down due to the held-up cry with tears flowing down through his cheeks. He was dark and resembled the grindstone in colour. The only difference is Krushna was moving unable to control his cry, and grindstone was stable as it is an inanimate object. His chest and hands were all full of butter that he had stolen in his house. He did not even get to eating it, he had just climbed up the grindstone to share the butter with his friends who were outside his house. He was just about to put some butter in his mouth and he heard his mother walk. His friends ran away, and he immediately rubbed his hands full of butter onto his chest. When asked by his mother, he showed his hands to his mother, saying that there is no butter with him!

During several years later, Kunthi Devi witnessed and heard the valour, the power, the charm, the intelligence, and the warmth of the phenomenal Krushna in various acts such as ‘killing of Kamsa, releasing his parents from jail, killing several demons, key role in discussions between pandavas and kouravas, the virat form in the kingdom, the Bhagavad Gita and vishwa rupam for Arjuna and countless other mischievous and miraculous events. In the end, he addresses Kunthi Devi and says,Attha (aunt), may I now take your leave!?’

That is when Kunthi Devi expresses her astonishment and her acknowledgement of his form! She asks him back, ‘Why Krushna..? Why were you tied up the other day to a grindstone in such an innocent form, as if unable to relieve yourself from the ropes?’

He answers,Attha, How can I not? The only thing that tied me up is the love that she has for me, not the ropes!’

The extent of accessibility that was shown by Lord as Krushna is amazing! Nammalwar begins to describe this quality of Lord (called sowlbhyam) and cannot digest the fact that the Supreme power has come down to such a level of being tied up and looked helpless. His heart melts down completely that there is no longer a base for him be awake! He faints for a few months thinking of that level of accessibility by Lord and is only later awakened by Madhurakavi and his mates!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami on Bhagavad Vishayam

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