Telangana State Ayush Seminar was held at JIVA asram on 22nd Sept 2017 with great enthusiasm and productive discussions. Health Minister Sri Lakshma Reddy, Ayush chairman Sri Rajendra Reddy, Indian film director Sri K Vishwanath garu along with more than 700 doctors participated in the seminar.

JIVA Ayurvedalayam is getting ready to aid research on preventing and treating non communicable diseases without the need of surgery or any side-effects.
Health Minister, Sri Lakshma Reddy is positive that several Ayush treatments can be made part of ArogyaSri soon.
Several distinguished guests expressed happiness that despite many expensive ways of treating illnesses, it is a relief that ancient medical systems can treat most of them with lesser costs.

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami addressed the doctors saying that Ayurvedic, Homeopthy etc are not alternative Systems, they are original medical systems. Swamiji added, ‘Ayush can be compared to mother’s way of treating an illness’. Swamiji advised evryone that educating people on choosing the right medical system depending on the illness can make things simpler for the people in pain.

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