It is said that, ‘Sakala veda thathparyam ivardhapanchakam..’ The intent of all Vedic scriptures is to give knowledge on five aspects.

  1. Who is that Supreme Power?
  2. Who am I?
  3. What is my goal?
  4. Who or what can help me?
  5. What are the hurdles?

So, our question of ‘what is the end result in learning science of all sciences, the Vedic Science’ comes under the third aspect above (What is my goal).

Nammalwar, the blessed devotee, is the author of 1102 songs (Thiruvaymuji – Bhagavad Vishayam), all of which beautifully and comprehensively address the above five aspects. The clarity in his songs about the ‘state of bliss / end result / Phalam’ is so strong and detailed that tells us that he has literally experienced it.

Knowledge on the first aspect lets you understand the vastness and greatness of HIM, the Supreme power.

Knowledge on the second aspect lets you understand how limited our soul is in terms of capabilities.

Knowledge on the third aspect lets you have a feel for what it would be like when you receive the grace of that Supreme power.

Knowledge on the fourth aspect lets you move in the path of seeking refuge of great acharyas who can teach you about God and shapes you to be ready for the grace.

Knowledge on the fifth aspect lets you understand, inspect yourself to remove the hurdles explained in this path.

Now, we need to be clear that knowledge alone is not enough. For example: One might know that ‘a specific medicine can alleviate you from a pain or fever’. Is the knowledge enough to relieve yourself? It is an important step but we cannot stop there to reach the goal. We need to act, implement and execute the teachings from an acharya.

Nammalwar writes his experience in songs about the third aspect indicating that he has travelled through the ‘white path’ or the ‘archira:di margam’ crossing the higher worlds and reaching the abode of the Supreme Power, ‘Paramapadam’. The abode lets one serve God in every way he feels like with no limitations or bondage. The joy is boundless and eternal. The state of joy stays permanent and the heart fills itself with warmth of Lord Srimannarayana as the soul finally reaches its home!!

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