Is it a rose, a jasmine or others? Sri Swamiji says, it is the ‘Hrudaya kamalam’, your heart – the more you offer it to Lord, the more fragrant this whole world blossoms with care and love for each other. Lord’s name and prayer has the power to transform a hard rock like heart into a soft flower like caring one.

Nammalwar saw Lord in every thought of his. A heart that understands the presence and power of Lord in everything in and around himself becomes a beautiful flower that Lord likes to adorn himself with. It is this this flower that Lord keeps with him and gives it the best of everything.

In fact, Lord wants all of us to understand this fact, but we only strive to get benefited through other smaller powers thinking that they are the real givers. As long as the giver and the receiver understands that the true source of all wealth, power and happiness lies in the arms of the Supreme power, then they become right instruments for serving Lord. Otherwise, one day or another – the giver and receiver will end up understanding that the power in their hands is only temporary until the Supreme power choses them to be his instruments.

Depending on the quality of the soul – satvik, rajasik or thamasik, the soul chooses to approach some devathas who are given some powers for a temporary period of time based on their deeds. However, if those devathas forget that the true giver is the Supreme power, Lord chooses a day and time to teach them a lesson. For instance, we know the story of Indra who got egoistic and angry when the people of Gokulam offered the year wise offering to Krushna rather than to him. Krushna then teaches him a lesson by protecting all the people by giving them the shade under Govardhana Hill.

So, God likes all flowers, its only to avoid trouble for devotees that he asks them for choose certain flowers for prayer. When it comes to prayer, the flowers offered externally are as important as the right attitude and good heart with which the prayer is done!

-From the Bhagavad Vishayam discourses of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

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