A Hidden Gem, Nadigaddapalem!

It is the 62nd Brahmotsavam of the Lakshmi Narayana temple at Nadigaddapalem. This place is very special to Swamiji for many reasons: First Rama Krathuvu was beautifully performed here by Pedda Jeeyar

Know your History and pass on the proud Legacy!

Today’s text books teach our children that our ancestors are apes (based on the theory of evolution). It’s unfortunate. We did not evolve from monkeys/apes. They are a different species altogether. Our ancestors are rushis and sages! When we

Vasudeva Temple – Must worship place for all!

Excerpt of 10th Annual Branhotsavam of the temple for all our dear readers! Mandasa (near Srikakulam) Vasudeva Swami temple, a 14th century temple was revived by Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami (During the process, Swamiji took great care to to

Sri Kodanda Ramalayam Brahmotsavam

Lord Rama, the most beloved God residing in the hearts of millions of devotees. Lord Rama - the perfect avatar of Srimann:ara:yana embellished with excellent qualities. That beautiful God, captivates His devotees with His "Kalya:n Gunas" and past times. Our