Eleven Years of Glory at Divya Saketham

We have already learned about how Chaturmukha Brahma celebrated God’s glory by organizing a divine celebration called a Brahmotsavam. Since then, every temple celebrates the annual day of God’s appearance in the form of their presiding

A Hidden Gem, Nadigaddapalem!

It is the 62nd Brahmotsavam of the Lakshmi Narayana temple at Nadigaddapalem. This place is very special to Swamiji for many reasons: First Rama Krathuvu was beautifully performed here by Pedda Jeeyar

Know your History and pass on the proud Legacy!

Today’s text books teach our children that our ancestors are apes (based on the theory of evolution). It’s unfortunate. We did not evolve from monkeys/apes. They are a different species altogether. Our ancestors are rushis and sages! When we