We have already learned about how Chaturmukha Brahma celebrated God’s glory by organizing a divine celebration called a Brahmotsavam.

Since then, every temple celebrates the annual day of God’s appearance in the form of their presiding deity. Divya Saketham is concluding a seven-day celebration of 11th Brahmotsavam on 7th May 2020. 

As the world is undergoing mystery because of this deadly virus, we currently need protection and preventive measures. In this situation – paramedical staff, doctors, police, disinfection workforce sanitized surroundings, capable leaders ground force, and volunteer organizations are working around the clock. 

What is the role of such Brahmotsavams in this situation?

There are multiple levels of support that a society needs in order to stay intact. 

Let’s take an example: in extremely cold weather, one prefers layered protection. First comes thermals and then a pair of woolen garments, and finally topped off with a hooded jacket, etc. Similarly, we need protection measures at multiple levels. Every level aims to protect the individual. In addition, each level does not contradict each other. If you base your protection mechanism at the core of your existence, God, all other layers will work out accordingly for maximum protection.

The power of God!

Vedantha Desika, one of the brilliant stalwarts of Sri Vaishnavism, an exceptional philosopher, and a renowned scientist, expressed the supremacy of God’s as he read through one of Ramanujacharya’s works. Imagine the power vested in the hands of God just by looking around and giving a slightly deeper thought on things around us…

Planets are held in their orbits with the support of unseen power
Rainbows take their beautiful form so naturally
Cusecs of water is carried through the sky before it pours down
Tidal waves of enormous intensity drop their speed as they reach the shore
Unimaginable strength of the wind can damage our living in a split second

When God can do these and more such acts to contain the existence with ease, God can certainly protect us in today’s COVID-19 situation. How he does it is secondary. He has the power to enable us in protecting ourselves from corona or any rona (रोना – all forms of sadness)! Firstly, we must do our part.

Bruhati Bruhmayati

Bruhati means one who is the mightiest and the most powerful in every way – jna:na (knowledge), shakti (energy), bala (strength), vi:rya (brave), the:jas (splendour), aishwarya (magnificence).

Bruhmayati means that He (such tatva) has the power to increment the same qualities in those who are devoted to Him and seek Him sincerely. 

What must we do to seek God’s protection?

Bow down, seek forgiveness for all the sins that you have committed, make a solemn vow that you would not repeat any of them, and surrender sincerely! 

What sins have we committed?

We stopped drawing line between luxury and essential. Many people have gone too far from the line resulting in chaotic situations in the underlying framework. When we seek forgiveness and make vows, write down specifically what changes you plan to bring on right from the next moment. Submit it in front of the Deity, shed your ego, and plead for the strength to carry out such discipline.

Is there a chance that God does not forgive?

Yes, there is. The Universal Father (God) is an embodiment of a rigid nature resulting in punishments. However, the Universal Mother is an embodiment of compassion.

So, let us feel the presence of our Universal Mother along with the Father. It is said that she can convince the Universal Father to forgive at least those who are sincerely submitting themselves, and seeking forgiveness. If you believe in God, this is what you can and must do!

This is what we seek celebrating the divine union in the form of Kalyanam, the divine wedding of our universal parents whom we pray to in the form of Sita and Rama, Goda, and Ranganatha, Sri-Bhu-Neela, and Vaikuntanatha.

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– 3 rd May 2020, Divya Sakethem
– 11 th Brahmotsavam of Divya Saketha Perumal