Happy Ratha Sapthami

Scriptures say, శరీరమాద్యం ఖలు ధర్మసాధనం – Body is an important and necessary tool to achieve any goal, be it, comforts in this world or bliss in God’s abode! We make efforts to maintain the tool good enough to help us

Rattha Sapthami @ Divya Saketham

On Feb 3rd Rattha Sapthami was celebrated in grand manner. Special programs were conducted in Divya Saketham. 7:00 am - Procession of Lord 9:00 am - Soura Homam Surya Narayana bestows health and prosperity. Worshipping the Sun on Rattha Sapthami

Bhishma Ekadasi Celebrations in KPHP

18th Feb, 2016 Bhishma Ekadasi celebrated grandly by Vikasa Tarangini  in kphb colony, Hyderabad. In this program more than fifty members participated and all are chanted upadesa yukta akhanda VISHNUSAHASTRA NAMA sthothram from 8am to 6pm. VT President Seshi Kumari