Hyderabad-Twin cities VT Activities

Hyderabad –Twin cities VT With the Mangalasasanamulu from H H Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Dhanurmasa pravcanamulu were conducted at Sri Anjaneay Swami Temple, My Home Jewel, Madina guda under guidance of Smt. Vanaja Chalapati Rao. Goda Ranganadha Kalyanam was also performed

One Month Long Dhanurmasam Celebrations Concluded

One month long Dhanurmasam celebrations concluded with Sri Goda Ranganattha Kalyanam in various places. JET USA Under the divine auspices and presence of HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji JET USA - California conducted the Kalyana Mahotsavam of Goda Devi

Edurukolu Utsavam

Divya Saketham, 13/01/2017 Edurkolu Uthsavam was celebrated grandly in Divya Saketham. Devotees representing the groom - Sri Ranganattha and bride - Goda Devi brought gifts and auspicious articles such as tumeric, new silk clothes etc to be offered during the

HH Swamiji Visited Chicago

Chicago,USA 26/12/2016 Goda Ranganattha Puja was conducted in The Hindu Temple Of Greater Chicago. HH gave a wonderful discourse elucidating Goda Devi's message of doing activities together. The audience were awestruck at the compassion of Goda Devi and our acharyas