Karthika Deeposthavam in West Godavari Dist

28th Nov, West Godavari. In West Godavari district, Siddantham village Karthika Deepothsavam was conducted under the leadership of VT head Sri Venkatramayya on 28th Nov 2015, in Sri Vijaya Gopalaswamy temple. While chanting Sri Vishnu Sahasranama, for each nama, the

Eluru Vikasa Tarangini

On 1-6-15, Prapanna Goshti was conducted. Gita Parayana was performed by about 70 devotees. Prajna Summer camp was conducted by Baby Sarojini, Srirama Ganga. About 50 kids attended the camp. Sthothras, stories and kolatam - a folk dance were taught

Swachh Bharath by Prajna Students – Vijayawada

Prajna students conducted Swachh Bharat program in Srinagar colony, Vijayawada. As part of this program the students went door to door and educated the residents to give the trash to municipal waste collection vehicles only. They also requested the residents to

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Godavari River Puja in Siddantham Village

On May 12th, special ganga pujas were performed and harathi was offered by the preist - Mudumbai Venkatachary, to the Godavari river flowing through the village Siddantham in Penugonda mandal, West Godavari dst. Many devotees participated in the program. Prasadam