Do you think that the cause for this existence is One or Many? Are there many factors that contributed to this Universe? Did everything we see emerge from nothing (Su:nyam) or from one qualified Supreme?

Answers for all such questions are in our Upanishads!

Upanishads say, ‘స దేవ సోమ్య ఇదమగ్ర ఆసీత్ ఏకమేవ అద్వితీయం’

The cause for this existence is One! There is only One factor that contributed to this Universe! Everything emerged from One Supreme!

Upanishads describe That thatvam as an extremely beautiful, a very special and a magnificent seed that is the sole cause for the existence!

That single cause, that single factor, that Supreme is whom we refer to as God! He (thatvam) is divinely qualified with innumerable assets/qualities such as matchless compassion, illimitable knowledge, flawless joy, incredible strength, unimaginable valor, ever-lasting glory, and more!

That thatvam expands himself into a macro state (srusti), state of existence that we are in now! He created a jalam from within himself to support the whole creation, like the supporting fluid in a mother’s womb around the baby! God also contracts himself into a micro state (pralayam), the state of existence that we were once in! Even during the micro state – we all existed, but with a tiny body that carried the root elements of the macro structure!

That thatvam, which is beyond our imagination and which can only be known through Veda is waiting for you to realise your strength and capabilities! We have been identifying ourselves with the capabilities of the body only, not realising that we are much more! He is ready to support in our quest, just seek out for Him! He exists right in your heart, in your mandir, around you in every being, and everywhere too!

Nammalwar did the same! He communicated to that thatvam with boundless love. He connected himself to that thatvam, the one and only Lord Srimannaryana – Srima:n meaning one who is compassionate and all wealthy with countless divine qualities! Narayana meaning one who supports everything by residing within and around it!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami

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