‘Swamiji untied the knots of ultimate knowledge!’ said the great scholar, Sri Gudimella Krishnamacharyulu!

‘Swamiji is the rightful preacher because He alone can impart potions of this rich and authentic scriptural knowledge to current generation beautifully and joyously!’ said the director of Vedic Research Center, Sri Samudrala Rangaramanuja Acharya!

‘Swamiji is the true Gopalanandana, as he is the heir of knowledge of Gopalacharya Swami, an erudite scholar’, said Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swami!

’60 days of time flew like a minute!’ – was the common statement by the audience! What an experience during the chaturmasyam, everyone talked to each other in the auditorium where every morning Swami gave discourse on Bhagavad Vishayam!

Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swami has been observing Chaturmasyam since 40 years. Every year, Swamiji chooses a sacred text describing Lord’s glory and goes through it in detail. HH, out of compassion towards all of us who lack the ability and time to go through the scriptures in detail, shares that wisdom as a discourse every morning during this pious time!

There are several types of sacrifices: bhu:da:nam (giving away land), go:da:nam (giving away a cow), kanya:da:nam(giving away a girl to a family), and many more. But the act of giving/sharing good knowledge is beyond any of these sacrifices.

A good word can go miles together in helping frame our mind-set to deal with challenges of today’s world. Not only does it support the current lifestyle in a flawless way, but also each one such good word from a pious scholar can lead us one step closer to the ultimate bliss. Hundreds of such enriching words, crisp and clear potions of eternal knowledge has been shared by Swamiji during the past 60 days at JIVA asram, Sri Ram Nagar.

In this chaturmasyam, as you all know Swamiji chose Bhagavad Vishayam, the ultimate source of knowledge. HH completed 3rdpasuram of the 3rd thiruvayamuji in Bhagavad Vishayam.

The best part is that Swamiji offered to continue these sessions as and when he presides in JIVA asram.

You can Watch the discourses on our channel and also read some excerpts of Bhagavad Vishayam here!