Every one of us try to do the best possible in the activities we take up. No matter how perfect we try to be, there is always room for improvement. The reason why we may not perfect the first time could be many-fold. Lack of complete understanding of the task, unwanted disturbance, inaccurate tools in hand, lack of devotion towards the task in your mind, not enough cooperation from surroundings. When we realise that we could have done something better, we want to have one opportunity to cleanse the wrong-doing and reenergise/pledge for a better performance next time.

This is exactly what happens during Pavitrotsavams in a temple, one of the most important services done every year.

God’s name is the best cleanser for anything. Several pavitrams are placed in front of the deity filling them with the power of God’s name in the Yaga Sala while chanting the Veda mantras. These pavitrams are placed on every single item that is used in the service of God. They are offered to main deities, to the entire parivar such as the alwars, acharyas, nitya suri vargam etc.

365 aradhanas (services) are offered to God over a span of 3 days to cleanse the past aradhanas throughout the year. Priests pay special attention and care to sanctify their act, their belongings, the utilities for the services and reenergise the manas with a pledge for improved devoted prayers. Devotees also gather at the temple to apologise for any prayers done with impure thought.

– From the event at Divya Saketham, 15th, 16th, 17th November 2018

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