Question With sata sahasra pranamams to the lotus feet of HH Paramahamsa Parivrajakaacharya Sri sri sri Tridandi Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, Asmad Gurubhyo Namah| I am in the process of reading the great history of Paramaguru Sri Ramanuja Swamy. I read that Sri Ramanuja Swamy is given the name of “Udayavar” by Sri Ranganatha Swamy, the main deity of Sri Rangam. Besides he is also “Emberumanar”. I request Sri Swamiji to enlighten me by explaining the meanings of these two names. I may kindly be excused if had posed afoolish question. In the process of knowing the meaning of Udayavar, I came across an article stating that the mortal body of Paramaguru Sri Ramanuja Swamy is preserved in sitting posture in the temple precinct of Sri Rangam. And Udayavar Sannadhi is constructed over it. Many of the Vaishnavites do not know about it. And Tirumanjanam for the idol is not performed there for Udayavar’s deity idol. Is that true. Is that not a sin to keep a mortal body in the temple precinct. Please clarify my doubts Swamijee. Asmad Gurubhyo Namah.

Jai srimannarayana Raviji! Happy for the interest you have in knowing the facts. Udayavar means possessor. Lord Ranganattha bestowed this title to Ramanuja Swamy when Swamy entered Srirangam. Ramanuna Swamy is the owner of this world, called Li:la: vibhu:thi, and

JainSriman Narayana Om Namo Narayanaya Swami, meeku Padaabhivandanam swami Swami one of your speeches you told that every diety has got his or her post by the virtue of lost life means andaru devathalu shashwatham kadu Narayanude Shashwatham vere devathalu vari venaka janma punyapalamtho ippudu devathalayyaru antu Chepparu swami. Then Please tell me what is the lost life of Bramha and Shiva as per vedas swami. please swami.

Jai srimannaryana ! We were clear that de:vathas are also ji:vas, who took this life as per their previous punya visesham. Consuming that, those de:vathas will again go to get some other body as per their karmic records. This is

We look up to Sri Rama as an ideal human being and an incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Why did HE send Sitha Devi into the forests when she was pregnant, a woman who believed in HIM to take care of her for her entire life? Is it fair that he reacts so much to a mere comment from a single person in his kingdom?

Is it fair that Sri Rama sent Sitha Devi away into forests? Sri Rama is a Chakravarthi, a ruler. A ruler’s duty does not begin and end at a specific point in a day. His primary responsibility is to ensure