Oct 9 2009: HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji in New Jersey, USA 

The morning started with Teertha Goshti, HH Sri Swamiji, looking as vibrant as ever, took time to talk to all the devotees present and offered blessings and Teertha prasadam.

Later in the morning, HH conducted Samasrayanams to several devotees. HH explained in a clear manner the meaning of Samasrayanam and the significance of the pancha sanskaras.

In the afternoon, HH met with site & building architects to go over future enhancement plans for the Jeeyar Asramam.

HH also formally launched Jeeyar Vani, an Internet Radio station that will start broadcasting twice a week initially for few hours in the evenings, it will be later expanded to weekends with the possibility of broadcasting round the clock. The radio can be heard on Shoutcast Radio(www.shoutcast.com, search for JeeyarVani). Sriman Krishna babu garu worked on setting up the radio station.

Later in the the afternoon, a volunteer meeting was conducted with Volunteers from the New Jersey Chapter and JET USA board members present. HH Swamiji announced the intent to conduct Viswasanti Sri Yagam, for world peace and prosperity, at the Jeeyar Asramam in Cranbury, NJ,  during the last week of July 2010 for about 9 days. HH explained that the purpose of the yagam is to help the world in these troubled times to bring peace and prosperity back. The yagam will be conducted with 27 Kundas representing all 27 stars. 108 Rutviks from both India and USA will perform the yagam under the divine guidance of HH Sri Swamiji. HH later explained various activities that need to be focused on and how to approach each of those activities.

Later in the evening, HH visited Princeton University in NJ to deliver a discourse. HH explained that how God is present in every object of this universe, how human beings should be respectful of each other and on the relevance of Bhagavad Gita to the present day world. HH explained the secret of sharing joy that joy shared is joy doubled!. Whatever you give comeback to you many times. How one should be happy with one’s share and try not to grab the whole and work towards the common good of the universe. HH also explained how Service to all living beings is a service to the GOD himself and how to worship your own but being respectful to others. This event was organized by Sriman Vineet Chander of Princeton Univerisity and was attended by large gathering of the students and faculty from the Princeton University apart from good number of devotees. After the event Prasadam was distributed to those present. The prasadam was prepared by Sriman Purshotham Ji with the help of JET New Jersey’s dedicated volunteers.