Today is the first day of Yamuna Pushkaras. We are now going to offer prayers to River Yamuna. Yamuna river waters are black to look at. They are black by nature too. The river water is nirmalam, seethalam and madhuram – pure , cool and sweet. The river is very divine.
Mother Andal praises the river saying it is the most divine amongst all the rivers as it is this river which gave way to Vasudeva and enabled him to move Krushna from the Madhura Jail to Go:kulam. Not only that, the magnanimous river kept the birth of Krushna a deep secret ‘ yamuna:ncha athi gambhira:m na:na varthma jata a:kula:m vasude:vaha udvahath harim ja:numa:thram udakaha ‘ in Vishnu purana. Though the river is very deep with whirlpools swirling in it, when Vasudeva wanted to cross, it decreased its depth to knee deep height and gave way to him.
When asked about the where about of Sitha devi, Godavari river kept silent. But River Yamuna gave way making Krushna’s escapade from jail very easy and exhibited its greatness, divinity and service to Lord. River Ganga and River Godavari helped the Lord in many ways and washed the feet of Lord but Yamuna river washed the feet of bha:gawatha, i.e Vasudeva who was carrying Krushna on his head. Such great river is Yamuna and today it is blessing you devotees by endowing its qualities to you all.
In such divine river, we are going to do ‘pushkara sna:nam’ today. Bruhaspathi, planet Jupiter takes one year to travel from one rasi, constellation to another. The Sun takes one month to move from one constellation to the next. We have 12 rasis. When Bruhaspathi enters a rasi, it causes pushkaram in a river. When it crosses and enters a rasi, it energizes the waters of a particular river. Goda:vari river pushkaram commences when Bruhaspathi enters the Simha rasi, Saraswathi pushkaram when Jupiter enters Midhuna rasi, Krushna pushkaram in Kanya rasi and Kaveri pushkaram in Thula rasi.

When Jupiter enters a particular rasi, it energizes a river in that rasi. The waters become divine and powerful. Not only the river but the surrounding areas too flourish. The rivers are divine and auspicious and under the influence of Jupiter the divinity and energy in them multiply multifold.
Today, Jupiter entered the Karkataka rasi. The first 12 days of pushkaram, the waters have that divine energy and these 12 days pushkaram are called ‘ a:di pushkaram’. The waters have that same divinity in the last 12 days of the pushkaram year when Jupiter is about to cross the rasi and enter the next one. These last 12 days pushkaram are called ‘ ‘anthya pushkaras’.
Saraswathi river a:dhi pushkara prayers were offered last year under the direct guidance of HH Ahobila Jeeyar Swamy and HH Devnath Jeeyar Swamy. The anthya pushkarams for Saraswathi river were concluded yesterday.

Today, with Jupiter entering the Karkataka rasi, Yamuna river pushkaras started today. We are all lucky to be here on the first day itself and offer our prayers to the river. Vasudeva carried Lord Krushna across this river. Vyasa Maharshi described the scene in a wonderful sloka. The dark clouds were raining at that time. Yamuna is the name of this river. It is also called ‘ Yama Anujulu’.
Yama, a boy and Ya:muna, a girl are both the children of Sun. Yama, the boy became one who is very principled. He never crossed any rules. He was given incharge of making sure that the souls existed in their particular bodies for the designated time on this earth and then took a new body in their next birth. He does this job very sincerely without any lapses. He acts very responsibly. Hence he became Yama, who knows not to cross limits and knows how to follow rules. Hence, he became Dharma Raju, Yama Dharma Raju.

His sister is Ya:mini. Ya:mini is darkness. It later became river Yamuna to do service. Yamuna is very pure and divine as Gopikas touched its waters. It became a sporting place where Krushna and gopikas played together. Krushna put these river waters in his mouth and gargled his mouth. These waters which “ sri krushna adharo:chishta jala sparsa” became divine.
The seas gave way to Rama only after seeing his anger, but river Yamuna gave way to Vasudeva who was carrying Krushna out of love. Here is the sloka graced by sage Veda Vyasa. Let us all chant it
me:ghe: nivarshathi asakruth yama:nuja gambhi:ra tho:you
javo:rni le:bhila bhaya:naka a:vartha satha a:kula:nadi ma:rgam dadau sindhuriva sriyah pathe:he”

Even Mother Goda devi praised Yamuna in Tiruppavai – 5th pasuram , ‘ ma:yanai ….’ Pasuram.

Let us all think of Yamuna river and take bath and energize ourselves. We offer our mangalasasanams to BAKASS team for arranging this program and all the devotees.

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