HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji's Message in Hrushikesh

HH Sri Swamiji’s Message in Hrushikesa
This place is called Hrushikesa. ‘Hrushike:sa’ is one of the names of Supreme Lord. We can find the Lord’s name in 1st chapter, 2nd chapter and other chapters of Bhagawad Githa. We also chant this name as 10th nama in the a:chamanam we perform everyday.

This divine place is called Hrushikesh.’Hrushikam’ means our pancha jna:na indriyas,senses namely eyes, nose, ears, tongue and skin.
Among the five indriyas, eyes and skin sense organs are very sophisticated. Eyes see forms and colors, capture them and feed those images into our memory. Eyes record whatever they see as well as feel ‘how beautiful it is!’ The same with remaining indriyas too. Thus, our indriyas experience the forms along with the objects and enjoy them. They not only enjoy but make us enjoy them too!

Happiness is called ‘harsham’ in sanskrit.Our indriyas get ‘harsham’ and make us ‘harsham’. Hence, the indriyas are called ‘hrushikas’.

These indriyas are beyond our control. If we want to sit in meditation and close our eyes for sometime, will our eyes listen? Ofcourse not! The minute we close our eyes, we feel like opening them as if the world around us is going to end. Similarly with other sense organs. But there is a boss who controls them. He is called Hrushike:sa. He is the controller of everyone’s indriyas.

We are also called mini hrushikas. But our control over the indriyas is very temporary. In home aquariums, are the fish free or imprisoned? Free? No! Are they imprisoned? Not at all! They are free but their freedom is conditioned freedom. The fish can move from side to side, top to bottom but the space is limited to the size of the jar or tank they are kept in.

Our indriyas too appear to be free but are not so. We are temporarily hrushikams but literally we cannot control them. That is the reason our eyes see the unrequired, hear what should not be heard, eat more and more even after finishing our meals and eat what we shouldn’t be eating.

This kshethram is called Hrushikesh. Surrounded by beautiful mountains, sparkling waters in rivulets, flying clouds across the skies, this place captivates our senses. The beauty of this place reaches its peak when rainy season is about to end.
The white feather like clouds appear like steps to reach the lush green tall trees. The tender green leaves shine with glistening dew drops when the sun rays kiss them. The low lying feather lite white clouds form the marble steps around the high green trees reaching the heavens as if inviting us to climb them to reach the Lord and offer our services to Him.The bewitching beauty of Nature captivates our heart and mind. Hence, our rushis named this place Hrushikesh.

To reach this place, we cross Haridwar – the door way to reach Hari. This door way, a pathway was created by Nature itself in between the two mountains to reach this place, Hrushikesh. Many people come till here, visit the place, fill their hearts with the rich beauty around and return back.

Lord Rama captivated everyone’s heart with His beauty. Men, women, children, girls, boys, babies, everyone wanted to be with Rama, talk to him and spend time with him. Such was His beauty. Rama could not spend time with all. He would be tired too! But, at the same time, He could not say ‘ No’ to them. What was the way out?

Dasarattha thought a lot and created magnificent beautiful splendid galleries in front of Rama’s palace. Every nook and corner held beautiful sceneries. People who came to see Rama were captivated by the bewitching beauty of the galleries. By the time, they crossed a short distance drinking in the beauty, visiting hours were over. As a result, only a strong few who could resist the tempation passed through and reached Rama’s place. Sumanthra was one such great soul. hHence,e went straight into he palace of Rama without looking at the beautiful galleries when Dasarattha sent him as a messenger to summon Rama to Kaikeyi’s quarters.

This place Hrushikesh is also like a screening area. Only a few blessed and real seekers can pass this place, and go beyond to go to sacred divine place, Badrinath. Travel to Badrinath is even more enchanting. One side of the road are the racing sparkling waters in Ganges. The roaring sound of the waters sound as if the waters are chanting ” Hari OM” and advising the visitors to chant His divine name. The other side of the road is the mountains with green trees.
The rows of mountains with green trees and shrubs in far sight are a feast to the eyes. The beauty is unspeakable. Let us all be part of this wonderful and soul stirring experiences. Our Mangalasasanams to All.

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