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Today on 30th of April, in the Jeeyar Satha:bdi Celebrations at Sriramnagar, JIVA premises, HH Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji finished the a:ra:dhana of Perumal by 7.30 am. Theertha goshti and prasa:da goshti were done to a large number of devotees. Then Swamiji proceeded to the yagasala along with Aho:bila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji and Vrathadhara Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji, and did mangala:sa:sanam to the Lord and gave permission to the yajna:charya Madhusu:na:charya Swamy to commence the ho:ma ka:ryakramam. He along with his team of rithwiks started offering oblations in the nine kunda:s. The ruthwiks doing ho:mam chanting the Mu:lamanthram and the Mu:rthi manthra filled the whole atmosphere with auspiciousness.

It was a delightful feast to the eyes and a soothing energizer to the ears. The three Jeeyar swamis, the ruthwiks, the a:gama and Ve:da pundits doing their daily recitation of scriptures, the devotees immersing themselves in chanting and meditating on Lord – it was a divine experience. Later Sri Swamiji had been to the other ya:gasa:la where preparations were made for the Ishti.

Ishti is a vedic ritual recommended in Srimannarayana Samhitha, to get our wishes fulfilled and get rid of unwanted difficulties. In this program, daily a particular ishti is performed to get the devotees’ wishes fulfilled. Sudarsane:shti, today’s Ishti, provides the needful protection for the participants and removes obstacles and cures diseases and promotes health.

As a part of the daily schedule of pu:jas, HH participated in Go:puja (cow worship) along with many devotees.
Today being the first day of the Ishtis, many devotees performed the Ashto:tthara Sathana:ma puja of Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji under the guidance of HH. Sri Aho:bila Jeeyar Swamiji and Sri Vrathadhara Jeeyar Swamiji also participated in this event.

Before the pu:ja, talking about the importance of worship, HH gave a lucid explanation.
He said it is very important for everyone to utilize the senses, manas and intellect graced by the Lord Supreme, to use in His worship and get them sanctified; and derive satisfaction. This again gives immense happiness to Lord. He advised the devotees never to subject themselves to any complex, since what ever they are able to do in the form of worship, God being the Divine Father, feels elated at their service. HH also paid tributes to Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji who actually initiated the collective ‘Sukrava:ra Pu:ja’ among the people and showed them the method which later became a normal feature. We are following his foot prints. He explained that puja is nothing but a show of our heart felt hospitality to the Chief Guest Lord Srimannarayana. Then everything that follows is spontaneous. When He is omnipresent what is the purpose of inviting Him specially? – We get a doubt. HE clarified saying that it is in a way realizing His presence rather than inviting him. We render the 16 services to the Lord in our pu:ja so that our demerits would be cleared and our merits would be channelized in the right manner. We start our prayers starting with our A:cha:ryas.
Later HH attended the pu:rna:huthis in the ya:gasa:las and blessed the donors of the Ishti with Pavithrams and clothes. All were served with tasty prasa:dam.
In the pratisht’a program today the ruthwiks performed ‘La:ja:dhi va:sam’ and ‘Nethro:nmi:lanam’ for the idols.
HH felicitated many people associated with Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji and they shared their impressions of Sri Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji with the devotees.
HH did VSN pa:ra:yan along with devotees. A cultural program of Annama:charya kirthana:s sung by women devotees from Amalapuram followed which was enjoyed by one and all.


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