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In the morning after the theertha go:shti in the ya:gasa:la, prasa:da go:shti is done. HH gave permission to the ruthwiks in the main ya:gasa:la to start the mu:la manthra and mu:rthi manthra ho:mam in the nine kunda:s under the guidance of Sri Madhusudanacharya Swamy and started the pa:ra:yan’am of all scriptures before the Lord.

Later HH gave a brief explanation on Lord Hayagri:va. One who has no knowledge is equal to a beast, so say the scriptures. Knowledge means not the knowledge of reading and writing. It is the capacity to be able to face the problems without fear, finding out the solutions, implementing them and finally what ever happens one needs to move forward in life with renewed vigor and strength. This is required by everyone and in every field. That is ‘vidya’. The lord who blesses us with this ‘vidya’ is Hayagri:va, a horse headed human form with four hands. He holds the divine conch and

discuss in two of his hands, in the third hand he holds a ma:la with a jna:na mudra while in the fourth he holds a book.
HH came to the Ishti Sa:la and gave mangala:sa:sanams to the participants and ordered them to start the program. Pravachan mandap was full with devotees ready to worship Lord Krishna. The collective chanting of 108 names of Lord Krishna was like taking a shower under the soft cool water of a spring in the sultry scorching heat. Sri Ahobila Ramanuja Jeeyar Swamiji conducted the program. HH went into the temple to perform the ‘Sikhara Stha:pana’ a procedure in the sanctifying process of the temple.

The ‘dhwajasthambham’ is kept in upright position and ‘Bimba Pratisht’a’ is done which is the precursor for the final “pra:n’a prathishta.” Then HH climbed on to the temple top to do the ‘yanthra stha:pana’ along with the ruthwiks and some devotees. Everybody witnessed it from the ground and experienced the divine joy saying the names of Lord. After the ceremony, HH came back to Ya:gasa:la:s. By then in the ishti sa:la ho:mam was done chanting the Hayagri:va stho:thram and Hayagri:va ma:la:manthram. Later the Pancha Su:ktha ho:mam followed it. The ruthwiks performed the whole procedure in a perfect manner. When it was concluded with pu:rn’a:huti, HH blessed the participants with a picture of Hayagri:va, a book of Hayagri:va Stho:thram and ‘se:sha vasthrams’ and ya:ga prasa:d, HH sprinkled the sanctified water on the devotees who were waiting patiently to have his darsan. He personally gave prasa:dam to the devotees.

Later the main ya:gasa:la program ended with pu:rn’ahuthi and sa:thumurai. It followed with the prasa:da go:shti.

After noon there were some programs that engaged the audience with scripture based games and some computer based Quiz programs. Young and old took part with great enthusiasm and interest and won prizes. The same followed in the Photo exhibition too where a quiz was conducted.

In the evening after the daily VSN pa:ra:yan’, Sri. Ramachandracharya Swamy spoke on the reforms HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji brought about. He said earlier the matha:dhipatis just took care of their mutts and their devotees. HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji revived the weakened Jeeyar system once again. His goal was not for division of the society. For him, all are same – Serving them all as Service to Lord. In those olden days of 30’s itself, when this selfish vote mongering political system had not crept in, when the weaker sections were not exploited for their benefits, he gave away his own land to build 128 houses for the harijans. They named it as Srimannarayana Harijanawa:da. In his dictionary, service did not mean service to the mankind alone. It was incomplete without the service to the animal-kind. He used to arrange the feed for the starving cattle. People may have a kind heart that bleeds at the agony of others. Would it be of any use if that pain does not materialize in extending a helping hand to relieve their grief? Our Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji showed it in action. That is the true trait of a pure Vaishnava.

HH Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji, a true follower of Pedda Swamiji is educating the public on the need to take care of the pious cows by placing before them a pamphlet of facts as an eye opener He is leaving the decision to their discrimination. The 4th pamphlet is ‘sarva se:vya’ – the cow is to be revered by all taking proper care. Take care of it as if it’s your own baby.

His attention was not on only the people who are good. Even the convicted prisoners were reformed by making them chant and write Rama Na:ma in jails.

HH in his pravachan in the evening said it need not be necessarily the people who had the direct association or who lived that time to contemplate on the greatness of Pedda Swamiji.
When one knows a good thing HH Pedda Swamiji always believed that it should be shared with others.
Sri Kaviraj Devaraj Swamy, a scholar and the president of Akhila Nepal Sri Vaishnava Parishad also spoke in Hindi. He is a devoted Vaishnav who is doing selfless service by providing free Ayurveda medical services in all the public me:la:s in North India. He is very soft spoken.

Our veda pa:tthasala students did ko:la:tam for a rural song ‘Vennela vennela’composed by Mrs T.K. Chudamani high lighting the deeds of HH Pedda Swamiji. The writing of Rama Na:ma on the bricks, 108 Ramakrathu sthu:pa:s and 100 crores of Rama Nama japa – the list is unending. HH Pedda Jeeyar Swamiji’s programs were like that. It was so moving, the music composition was so great that all were immersed in the song and it brought tears into the eyes. The students gave an impressive ko:la:tam recital.

Later it was followed by the programs presented by the tribal students which had to be seen to be believed. Whether Bharathana:tyam or Amarako:sam slo:ka:s, yo:ga or Mukundama:la it was flawless. None can ever think that they are from a remote unconnected tribal area. The credit first goes to the compassionate heart of HH who thought of their upliftment and then to the teachers who are teaching them and to the guru Mrs. Samudrala Madhavi who had trained them for the program.

The program ended with Pu:rn’a:huthi, Sa:thumurai and prasa:da go:shti.

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