Let’s say you worked hard and achieved something that is truly applaudable. Do you then hear from your near and dear: ‘Good job! Now you must keep it up!😊’?.

What if someone comes to you and says, “you just keep doing your work, don’t worry about what it results to. I will take care of that aspect.” It would feel like the entire burden is taken off from your back, yes?

One Powerful Word

Let’s take another instance. Imagine a baby playing with one toy after another happily. The mother keeps watching the child as the baby plays. She is ready to protect the baby just in case the baby puts herself is dangerous or a hurtful situation. The baby simply does NOT obstruct her mother from protecting her as needed. Is there something similar that you can also do that will make you feel safe and free, while still carrying out your activities in norm? 

Yes! It’s just one word. Namaha is that powerful word which removes all the burden from our hearts. Maha means ‘me – the ego’. Namaha means ‘egoless’. We must admit, realize and accept that it is God who has all that it takes to protect us from making our life hard on ourselves. We must simply let Him do what He is ready to do. He is ever ready to make our journey simple, easy and beautiful. It’s only when we obstruct His grace that we end up in hardships. 

One Powerful Word

All the ruthwiks (the team of priests who perform the rituals in a Yajna) chant the following Veda mantra at the end of any Yajna. This mantra beautifully states the importance of the word, ‘namaha’

అగ్నే నయ సుపథా రాయే, ఆస్మాన్ విశ్వాని దేవ వయునాని విద్వాన్ |
యుయుధ్యాస్మజ్యుహురాన మేనో, భూయిష్ఠాంతే నమ ఉక్తిమ్ విధేమాన్ ||

agne: na supatha: ra:ye:, asma:n viswa:ni de:va vayuna:ni vidva:n|
yuyudhya:smajyuhura:na me:no:, bhu:yishta:nte: na uktim vidhe:ma:n||

The prayer speaks on behalf of all of us says, “Oh, dear God (who is currently visible in the form of fire)! Choose a path and take us all towards good wealth.”

He replies, “Approach Me after getting rid of all the obstacles you have created for yourself so far.”

We respond: “We are not capable of choosing right versus wrong. How can we get rid of the hurdles? Why don’t you give us one solution?”

He replies, “Okay, do you want to choose jnana, bhakti, karma etc? Pick one among these…”

We respond: “You are the one who has the required wisdom to make the choice. Give us the best solution that your heart knows of”.

He says: “’The best solution is just one word. ‘Namaha’! Let go of all the inhibitions and egos you have accumulated so far about yourself and simply accept everything as an instruction of mine.”
This will free you and lead you to good wealth in a path that makes not only yourself happy but everyone and everything around happy.

Are all the successful people giving up ego at the divine feet of God?

Yes! They probably aren’t saying the word ‘namaha’, but true achievers understand the power that has led them to the current state. They realize so many instances where someone or something beyond their strength has kept them going. Athletes often kiss the ground as they win dedicating their win to the mother Earth, some winners honor their parents for being there throughout their journey, while some cherish their happy moments with friends who have supported them. Some of them are proud of their own consistent efforts and hard work. No matter what it is or who it is, the underlying source of all that energy and wisdom has its roots at God

Such realization will kill the cause of selfishness, narrow-mindedness, cruelty, terrorism and bring in cooperation, clarity of thought and contentment in life.  

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– Oct  14 th 2019, Chaturved Swahakar Swadhyaya Jnana Yajna
– Lakshmi Narayana (Birla) temple, Delhi

One Powerful Word
One Powerful Word
One Powerful Word