For centuries together doctors, scientists, philosophers have been fascinated about life after death. As part of some experiments conducted by research labs across the top universities and research centres around the world, volunteers recorded what near-death experience, or an out-of-body experience would feel like. There were records of people who actually went through a near-death experience in real time after an accident or a trauma. The conclusions state a sense of lightness as feather, bluish-tinted white light, peace and silence, awaiting love larger than life as we know now. What did our rushis (truth seekers, ancient scientists) record about life after death after meditating upon truths governing the existence? 

Souls live forever. There is no death to soul. However, a soul keeps moving from one body to another based on the extent to which it associates itself to the physical plane (the five elements of nature, prakruthi). As long as the soul continues to associate itself to nature, the bodies that it travels in are all limited to the scope of nature. The strength of the association with nature keeps it ignorant of its divine and natural plane of eternal joy and knowledge. Thus, the soul ends up connecting itself to the changes in its body (the disease or death, pain or pleasure, happiness or sadness) as its own. 

Can a soul ever attain a special body which has no such limitations?

Certainly! When a soul attains moksha, he/she gets a special body which is completely free from all such limitations. The soul enjoys a state of bliss along with God (brahma:nandam).

What is unique about the special divine body? 

The special divine body enables a soul to enjoy 8 main attributes (ashta gunas).

Aphathapaapmaa[not prone to any sins]
Vijaraha [no aging]
Vimrutyuhu [no death]
Viso:kaha  [no sadness]
Vijighatsaha [no hunger]
Apipasaha   [no thirst]
Satya Kamaha    [virtuous desires]
Satya Sankalpaha[achiever, no failures]

When a soul attains this state, it is said to have gone through ashta guna aavirbhavam (the enablement of 8 divine attributes). This is called the state of bliss, aananda. In this state, the soul is not just by himself. He unites with God in experiencing these 8 qualities. The togetherness is what enhances the joy of the soul from temporariness to lasting forever.

God’s compassion in supporting the souls to reach the state of bliss is beyond our comprehension. The only blocker is our ignorance of this wisdom, keeping us in a state of ego – forgetting God as the supreme source of the existence. This is what binds us with bodies that are made of attributes of nature (earth, fire, water, air, space), versus attributes of divinity (jnana and aananda resulting from the ashta gunas).

Do we then become as powerful as God?

There is one difference between a liberated soul and God. The power to create, sustain, and dissolve (to recreate) the existence rests with God alone. Any liberated soul is not burdened with these abilities. A liberated soul is never proud of the power it holds or its state, but it remains submissive to God. Such a soul has no other objective than being aligned to God’s will. This union with God is the true and natural state of any soul.

The ability to understand beyond death and think of life after current body is given only to human beings. Don’t miss this chance. When you are given a question paper in an examination hall, there is a predefined limit of time to answer the questions and submit. Similarly, when you are in the human body, you have a predefined time frame, utilise this time for the right purpose. Do what is recommended in order to elevate yourself from the current state to a better state (jeevanam to ujjeevanam) to attain a goal of being free from limitations (moksha). Ultimately, the power and freedom you attain is to support souls like you in attaining the same, as per the will of God. Such a fulfilling and beautiful desire to have, isn’t it? 

For this reason Parasara Bhattar (the son of Veda Vyas) says, “durlabho: ma:nusho: dehina:m de:hiha

Human body is rare and precious…!

– From the discourse of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamij
– Dhanurmasam at Guntur 12 th and 13 th Jan 2020
– Union and Pre-union day events of a celebrated Soul/Divine Mother (Goda Devi) and God/Divine Father

Watch Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji elaborate on the topic (Jan 12th) from Guntur!

Watch Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji elaborate on the topic  (Jan 13th) from Guntur!


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