Two days ago, I visited Guntur along with husband and children to attend Goda Kalyanam organised under the presence of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji by Chairman of Crane Group of Industries, Grandhi Subbarao ji. As I was waiting for the event to begin, a lady (about 65 years old, and probably illiterate) patted me from behind and asked (in Telugu), “Do you have a phone where I can see the pre-wedding ceremony of Goda Rangatha from yesterday. It seems the event was so beautiful, and Swamiji was looking so divine amidst all the celebration. Everybody is talking about it. Sadly, I could not attend it yesterday.”

I said, “Sure”. I looked up for the video (thanks to the live-streaming team) and showed it to her. I watched her enjoy the event holding the phone carefully, smiling and living through the event the entire time. I suggested to her, “Let me write down on a piece of paper where to watch Swamiji’s videos. You can ask your son or daughter tomorrow and let them show you every day videos of Swamiji’s messages”.

She responded, “Oh, my kids! They won’t listen to me. They won’t have time. I am busy with house chores. They are busy in their work, their friends, movies and all. I tell them, but they don’t care about these.”

I reminded her of what I heard from Swamiji’s discourse two days ago, “Every animal and bird are successfully passing on their dharma / duty and practises to their younger generation.  For example: A parrot’s younger one does not deviate from its elder one ever. It’s only human being who is unable to pass their dharma / wisdom to the next generation. Think about it.

Spend some time learning about the precious human life and the uniqueness of human body. Pass it on to your next generation. Earning to eat and make a home are things that every being in the universe knows. We in this human body are capable of thinking life beyond this body, and work towards enriching ourselves for disease free, limitation-less, good hearted, greatly abled system.”

As she heard this, her eyes were filled with tears. She kept crying. She agreed with it and asked, “But, what can I do? I myself don’t have much knowledge. What can I tell them?”

I responded with a suggestion that has been helping me immensely, “Sit together with your family everyday and listen to a few minutes video of Swamiji. There is a new short video released daily. It is less than 10 minutes. Don’t ask your children for any gift for 1 year. Ask them the gift of their time. I am certain that you will all reap the benefit of these few minutes a day greatly. There are many sources of such wisdom these days, but Swamiji’s words carry the essance of Vedic wisdom; they do not carry personal opinions and therefore authentic and pious!

We exchanged details, shared the YouTube channel address. I am back in Hyderabad, and she is probably busy in her daily routine. But her tears of joy and her devotion are fresh and clear in my mind. I am therefore writing to share this with the world.

Listen to your mother’s heart. Spend time with her, especially time which not only helps you but also helps her as she grows old.

Hopefully, she and her family are enjoying a dose of divinity through Swamiji’s short video messages in this mundane life.

On the same day, I overheard a lady sitting next to me talk to her friend on the phone “It’s so peaceful when I see this Swamiji. He is leaving Guntur today. Why don’t you come?”. I don’t know what the answer was on the other side. 

Another lady called out a woman sitting in front of me and asked her, “Were you here for yesterday evening?” The lady responded, “Yes, I participated in the padarchana. I did not realise hunger, it was close 11:30pm, it was beautiful”

Disclaimer: Please note that images of women audience used in this article are not the same as the women referred to in this article. The images are taken from the Goda Kalyanam event. The images can give the readers reflections of our proud loving mothers.

– An undisclosed follower of Sri Chinna Jeeyar Swamiji
– (MD of a Software firm, Hyderabad)

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